Samuel Sewall (1652-1730)

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Puritain. - Juge au procès des sorcières de Salem


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  • Diary of Samuel Sewall, 1674-1729

    Material description : 3 vol. in-8°
    Note : Note : Collections of the Massachusetts historical Society. Vol. V-VII of the 5th series
    Edition : 1878-1882 Boston the Society

  • Letter-book of Samuel Sewall


    Material description : 2 vol. in-8°
    Note : Note : Collections of the Massachusetts historica Society. Vol. I and II of the 6th series
    Edition : 1886-1888 Boston the Society

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Documents about the author Samuel Sewall (1652-1730)

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  • Puritan family life : the diary of Samuel Sewall / Judith S. Graham, 2000

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  • Samuel Sewall est un juge anglo-américain, né à Hampshire en Angleterre.

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