Heneage Finch Nottingham (comte de, 1621-1682)

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Country :Grande-Bretagne
Language :anglais
Gender :masculin
Birth :Eastwell (?), GB, 23-12-1621
Death :Londres, 18-12-1682
Note :Lord Chancellor
Variant of the name :Heneage Finch (comte de Nottingham, 1621-1682)
ISNI :ISNI 0000 0000 9514 5624


Auteur du texte5 documents

  • An Exact and most impartial accompt of the indictement, arraigment, trial and judgment... of nine and twenty regicides

    Material description : In-4, 287 p., frontisp. gr.
    Note : Note : Par Heneage Finch, earl of Nottingham, d'après Halkett & Laing
    Edition : London : Crook , 1660

  • An Exact and most impartial accompt of the indictement, arraigment, trial and judgment... of nine and twenty regicides... began at Hicks-Hall, on Tuesday, the 9th of October, 1660... [By Heneage Finch, Earl of Nottingham.]

    Material description : In-8° , 329 p.
    Edition : London : R. Scot , 1679

  • His Majesties [Charles II] gracious speech, together with the Lord Chancellors [Lord Finch], to both Houses of Parliament, on Thursday the 23d of May, 1678...

    Material description : In-8° , 19 p.
    Edition : London : J. Bill , 1678

  • Lord Nottingham's Chancery cases

    Material description : 2 vol. (CXLII-448, VI-1040 p.)
    Edition : London : B. Quaritch , 1957-1961

  • Lord Nottingham's "Manual of chancery practice" and "Prolegomena of chancery and equity"

    Material description : In-8° (22 cm), XVI-385 p. [Acq. 100-66]
    Note : Note : Cambridge studies in English legal history
    Edition : Cambridge : University press , 1965


Dédicataire1 document1 digitized document

  • Greece with part of Anatolia

    Material description : 1 carte : ill. ; 48,5 x 57 cm
    Note : Note : Cartouches pour le titre, l'échelle, la légende et la dédicace aux armes du dédicataire : "To Ye. Rt. Honble. Heneage Earle of Winchester... in An[n]o 1660". - En bas à gauche, vue de Constantinople
    Map scale : [1:2 581 000 environ] A Scale of English Miles 100 [= 7,2 cm]
    Edition : [London] : Sold by Richard Palmer... : and Tho. Terrey , [ca 1660]
    Marchand : Richard Palmer (16..-1700)
    Cartographe : Bernard Randolph (1643-1690?)

    [catalogue, Visualize the document in Gallica][http://catalogue.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb42733064j]

Auteur présumé du texte1 document

  • The Indictment, Arraignment, Tryal, and Judgment, at large, of Twenty-Nine Regicides, the Murtherers of His Most Sacred Majesty King Charles I. Of Glorious Memory.

    Material description : 280 p. (sig. A-3Z2 4A2)
    Note : Note : Paru la première fois sous le titre : "Exact and most impartial accompt of the indictment". - Par Heneage Finch, earl of Nottingham, d'après Halkett & Laing. - Titre courant : "The Tryal of the Regicides" Sources : ESTC T108297
    Edition : , 1739
    Donateur : Susan Dwight Bliss (18..-1966)
    Ancien possesseur : Jeanette Dwight Bliss (18..-1924)


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  • Documents by this author : Exact and most impartial accompt of the indictment, 1660
    The indictment, arraignment, tryal, and judgment, at large, of twenty-Nine regicides, the murtherers of his most sacred majesty King Charles I. of glorious memory, 1739
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Variant of the name

  • Heneage Finch (comte de Nottingham, 1621-1682)

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