Robert Sidney (1563-1626)

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  • Letters and memorials of State in the reigns of queen Mary, queen Elizabeth, king James, king Charles the Ist, part of the reign of king Charles the IId, and Oliver's usurpation, written and collected by Sir Henry Sydney,... the famous Sir Philip Sidney and his brother Sir Robert Sydney,... Robert, the IId earl of Leicester,... Philip lord viscount Lisle... and... his brother Colonel Algernon Sydney,... the whole containing the antient state of Ireland... also... the antient government of... Wales... whereunto is added geneological and historical observations ; also memoirs of the lives... of the Sydneys... by Arthur Collins,...

    Material description : 2 vol. in-fol., portrait
    Edition : 1746 London T. Osborne

  • The Poems of Robert Sidney

    Material description : XVIII-354 p.
    Note : Note : Notes bibliogr. Index
    Edition : 1984 Oxford Clarendon press

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  • The Poems of Robert Sidney / l'auteur, 1984

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