Raymond Wilson Chambers (1874-1942)

Country :Grande-Bretagne
Language :anglais
Gender :masculin
Birth :Staxton, GB, 12-11-1874
Death :Swansea, GB, 23-04-1942
Note :
Historien. - Philologue. - Bibliothécaire


Auteur du texte12 documents

  • The place of Saint Thomas More in English literature and history

    being a revision of a lecture delivered to the Thomas More society

    Material description : X-125 p.-[5]p. de pl.
    Edition : New York : Haskell House , 1964
    Préfacier : Charles Russell Russell of Killowen (baron, 1832-1900)

    disponible en Haut de Jardin

  • Bellenden's translation of the history of Hector Boece. [Signé : R. W. Chambers, Walter W. Seton.]

    Material description : In-4° , paginé 5-15
    Note : Note : From the "Scottish historical review"
    Edition : Glasgow : Maclehose, Jackson and Co. , 1919

  • Beowulf

    an introduction to the study of the poem with a discussion of the stories of Offa and Finn

    Material description : XVII-628 p.
    Note : Note : Bibliogr. p. 553-613. Index
    Edition : Cambridge : Cambridge university press , 1972

  • Beowulf

    an introduction to the study of the poem with a discussion of the stories of Offa and Finn

    3rd edition
    Material description : XVIII-628 p.
    Edition : Cambridge : University Press , 1959

  • Beowulf. An introduction to the study of the poem with a discussion of the stories of Offa and Finn, by R. W. Chambers

    Edition : Cambridge, University press , 1921. In-8°, XII-418 p., planche


Éditeur scientifique9 documents

  • Épopée anglo-saxonne du VIIIe s. (?), de 3182 vers, adaptée d'une légende danoise. - Ms unique : British library (Ms. Cotton Vitellius A15, ca 1000)

    Beowulf : Raymond Wilson Chambers (1874-1942) as éditeur scientifique

  • Beowulf with the Finnsburg fragment

    Reprod. en fac-sim.. - 2nd rev. ed.
    Material description : XXXVIII-257 p.
    Note : Note : Glossaire
    Edition : Ann Arbor, Michigan : U.M.I. , 1993 cop. 1968
    Éditeur scientifique : Alfred John Wyatt (1858-1935)

  • Beowulf, with the Finnsburg fragment...

    Edition : Cambridge , 1914, in-8°

  • The Chronicles of Scotland compiled by Hector Boece. Translated into Scots by John Bellenden, 1531. Edited in continuation of the work of... Walter Seton, by R. W. Chambers... Edith C. Batho [and H. Winifred Husbands.]

    Note : Note : Scottish text society. 3rd series. 10. 15
    Edition : Edinburgh, W. Blackwood and sons , 1938-1941. - 2 vol. in-8°(22,5 cm), XVI-419-478 p. [Acq. 1476-59]
    Auteur du texte : Hector Boece (1465?-1536)

  • A Fifteenth-century courtesy book [a General rule to teche euery man that is Willynge for to lerne to serve a lorde or mayster in euery thyng to his plesure], eidted from the ms. by R. W. Chambers,... and Two fifteenth-century franciscan rules [the Thirde order of Seynt Franceys for the brethren and susters of the order of Penitentis - the Rewle of sustris menouresses enclosid], edited from the ms. by Walter W. Seton,...

    Note : Note : Early English text society. Original series. 148. - Philological society. 5-6
    Edition : London, Kegan Paul , 1914. In-8°, 127 p., fac-sim. -IIIb-IIb-


Préfacier1 document

  • The life and death of St. Thomas Moore, knight, sometimes Lord high Chancellor of England

    Facsim. ed.
    Material description : CCXXX-401 p.
    Edition : St. Clair Shores (Mich.) : Scholarly press , 1963
    Auteur du texte : Nicholas Harpsfield (1519?-1575)
    Éditeur scientifique : Elsie Vaughan Hitchcock


Autre3 documents

  • Beowulf with the Finnsburg fragment, edited by A. J. Wyatt. New edition revised, with introduction and notes, by R. W. Chambers

    Material description : In-8°, XXXVIII-254 p.
    Edition : Cambridge : the University Press , 1914
    Autre : Alfred John Wyatt (1858-1935)

  • A Book of London English, 1384-1425. Ed. by R. W. Chambers and Marjorie Daunt. With an append, on English Documents by M. M. Weale

    Material description : In-12, 395 p.
    Edition : Oxford : at the Clarendon Press , 1931

  • London mediaeval studies

    Material description : In-8°, paginé 139-332, pl., fac-sim.
    Edition : London : T. Wilson and son , 1938
    Autre : Albert Hugh Smith (1903-1967)


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