Evelyn Baring (comte de Cromer, 1841-1917)

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Birth :
Cromer Hall (Grande-Bretagne), 26-02-1841
Death :
Note :
Homme politique, diplomate et administrateur en Égypte
Field :
Science politique
Histoire du reste du monde
Variant of the name :
Evelyn Baring Cromer (comte de, 1841-1917)


Auteur du texte9 documents

  • Abbas II, by the earl of Cromer

    Edition : 1915. In-8°, XXVIII-84 p. London, Macmillan

  • Germania contra mundum, by the earl of Cromer. Reprinted by permission, from "The Spectator"

    Edition : 1915. In-16, 47 p. London, Macmillan

  • Contenu dans : The British mission to Uganda in 1893, by the late sir Gerald Portal,... Edited with a memoir by Rennell Rodd,... With the diary of the late captain Raymond Portal and an introduction by Lord Cromer,...

    Introduction. - [2]

    Material description : In-8° , XLVI-351 p., pl., portrait et carte
    Edition : 1894 London E. Arnold

  • Modern Egypt

    [Reprod. en fac-sim.]
    Material description : 2 vol. (XVIII-594, XIV-601 p.)
    Note : Note : Notes bibliogr. Index
    Edition : 2000 London Routledge

  • Modern Egypt

    Material description : 1 vol. (XXIV-931 p. [1] p. de dépl.)
    Note : Note : Notes bibliogr. Index
    Edition : 1911 London Macmillan and Co.

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Préfacier4 documents

  • Dawn in darkest Africa [Congo], by John H. Harris. With an introduction by... the Earl of Cromer,...

    Edition : 1912. In-8°, XXXVI-308 p., pl. et 1 carte London, Smith

  • Egypt in transition, by Sidney Low. With an introduction by the earl of Cromer,...

    Material description : In-8° , XXIV-290 p., pl.
    Edition : 1914 London Smith, Elder and Co.

  • The Panger man plot unmasked, Berlin's formidable peace-trap of "The drawn war", by André Chéradame, with an introduction by the Earl of Cromer, O.M...

    Edition : 1917. In-8°, XXXI-235 p., cartes New York, Ch. Scribner's sons
    Auteur du texte : André Chéradame (1871-1948)

  • Subjects of the day... by Earl Curzon of Kedleston. With an introduction by the earl of Cromer. Edited by Desmond M. Chapman Huston

    Edition : 1915. In-8°, XXIV-415 London, G. Allen and Unwin
    Auteur du texte : George Curzon (1859-1925)

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Rédacteur1 document

  • Rapport de Lord Cromer sur l'Egypte et le Soudan pour l'année...

    traduction française

    Material description : 2 vol. (209, V-202 p.)
    Edition : 1906-1907 Le Caire Impr. nationale

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Auteur du commentaire1 document

  • Lord William Beresford, V. C. Some memories of a famous sportsman, soldier and wit, by Mrs. Stuart Menzies, with appreciations by the earl of Cromer and admiral lord Beresford,...

    Material description : In-8° , XIV-336 p.
    Edition : 1917 London H. Jenkins

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Autre1 document

  • After-war problems, by the earl of Cromer, Viscount Haldane, the Bishop of Exeter, professor Alfred Marshall, and others, edited by William Harbutt Dawson

    Material description : In-8° , 366 p.
    Edition : (1917) London G. Allen and Unwin
    Auteur du texte : Alfred Marshall (1842-1924)
    Autre : Richard Burdon Haldane (1856-1928)

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  • Evelyn Baring Cromer (comte de, 1841-1917)

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