Richard of Wallingford (1292?-1336)

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Mathématicien. - Astronome. - Abbé du monastère bénédictin de St Albans


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  • Richard of Wallingford

    an edition of his writings

    Material description : 3 vol., (XXII-563, 387, 318 p.)
    Edition : 1976 Oxford Clarendon press

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  • Richard of Wallingford : an edition of his writings... by J. D. North, 1976

Variants of the name

  • Richard Wallingford (1292?-1336)
  • Ricardus Vualingforde (1292?-1336)
  • Richardus de Walyngfordia (1292?-1336)
  • Richardus Wallingfordus (1292?-1336)

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