Charlie Dunbar Broad (1887-1971)

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Harlesden, GB, 30-12-1887
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Fut professeur de sciences morales à Trinity college, Cambridge


Auteur du texte14 documents

  • Berkeley's argument about material substance

    Facsim. ed.
    Material description : 20 p.
    Edition : 1975 New York Haskell house publ.

  • Ethics and the history of philosophy, selected essays, by C. D. Broad,...

    Note : Note : International library of psychology, philosophy and scientific method
    Edition : 1952. In-8°, XIV-274 p. [Ech. int. 28136] -IIIa- New York, the Humanities press

  • Examination of McTaggart's philosophy

    Reprinted from the 1933-8 ed...
    Material description : 3 vol.(LV-460, LXXIV-796 p.)
    Note : Note : Les vol. sont numérotés 1, 2 part 1, 2 part 2. - Index
    Edition : 2000 Bristol Thoemmes

  • Five types of ethical theory

    Note : Note : International library of psychology, philosophy and scientific method
    Edition : 1956. - In-8° (22 cm), XXVI-288 p. [Acq. 5102-59] -IIId- London, Routledge and Kegan Paul

  • Contenu dans : Philosophical papers

    G. E. Moore. - [1]

    Material description : 326 p.
    Edition : 1959 London G. Allen and Unwin

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Traducteur1 document

  • Inquiries into the nature of law and morals, by Axel Hägerström. [Translated by C. D. Broad. Preface by Karl Olivecrona.]

    Note : Note : Skrifter utgivna av K. humanistiska vetenskapssamfundet i Uppsala. 40
    Edition : 1953. In-8°, XXXII-377 p., portrait. [Ech. int. 21964] -VIIa- Uppsala, Almqvist och Wiksell
    Auteur du texte : Axel Hägerström (1868-1939)

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Préfacier1 document

  • Swan on a black sea

    Material description : In-8° (22 cm), LXII-168 p., fac-similé. [Acq. 1975-66]
    Edition : 1966 London Routledge and Kegan Paul

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  • The mind and its place in nature / C. D. Broad, 1937
  • BLNA, 1992

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