Richard Henry Dana (1815-1882)

Country :États-Unis
Language :anglais
Birth :01-08-1815
Death :06-01-1882
Note :Juriste. - Navigateur
Field :Littératures
Variants of the name :Richard Henry Dana Junior (1815-1882)
Richard Henry Dana Jr. (1815-1882)
ISNI :ISNI 0000 0001 0928 8053


Auteur du texte6 documents

  • Richard Henry Dana, jr. An Autobiographical sketch, 1815-1842. Edited by Robert F. Metzdorf... Introduction by Norman Holmes Pearson

    Edition : Hamden, Conn., Shoe String press , 1953. In-8°, XII-119 p. [Ech. int. 4728-55]

  • Elements of international law

    Material description : 26-XLIV-642 p. et catalogue de la collection
    Note : Note : Un faux titre porte en plus, après la mention de collection : A literal reproduction of the 1866 edition of Richard Henry Dana, jr., edited by George Grafton Wilson, with a chronological list of editions and translations of Wheaton's "Elements of international law", a table of cases and indexes, to which are prefixed a note on "Henry Wheaton and international law", and a "Sketch of the life of Richard Henry Dana, jr"", by George Grafton Wilson
    Edition : Oxford : Clarendon press , 1936
    Préfacier : James Brown Scott (1866-1943)

  • The seaman's friend (1851)

    Material description : IX-VIII-225 p.
    Note : Note : Fac-similé de la 6ème éd. Boston
    Edition : Delmar : Scholars' Facsimiles & Reprints , 1979

  • The Seaman's manual, containing a treatise en practical seamanship, with plates, a dictionary of sea terms... by R. H. Dana Jun.,... 2d edition

    Material description : In-16, XVI-216 p. et pl.
    Edition : London : E. Moxon , 1844


Éditeur scientifique1 document

  • Lectures on art and poems, by Washington Allston, edited by Richard Henry Dana jr.

    Material description : In-12
    Edition : New York : Baker and Scribner , 1850


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  • Documents by this author : Two years before the mast, a personal narrative of life at sea / by R. H. Dana, 1850
    The Seaman's manual, containing a treatise en practical seamanship, with plates, a dictionary of sea terms... / by R. H. Dana Jun., 1844
  • Ouvrages de reference : LCNA 1977-1986 : Dana, Richard Henry, 1815-1882
    WWW, États-Unis 1607-1896
    Oxford American lit. : Dana, Richard Henry, Jr.
  • Catalogues de la BnF : BN Cat. gén. ; BN Cat. gén. suppl. : Dana (Richard Henry), le jeune

Variants of the name

  • Richard Henry Dana Junior (1815-1882)
  • Richard Henry Dana Jr. (1815-1882)

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