Oliver Shewell Franks (1905-1992)

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A été ambassadeur de Grande-Bretagne à Washington de 1948 à 1952. - Baron


Auteur du texte4 documents

  • Anglo-American relations and the special relationship, 1947-1952

    Material description : 22 p.
    Edition : 1990 Austin (Tex.) the University of Texas at Austin

  • Banker's mission to India and Pakistan

    Material description : In-8° (21,5 cm), [2-] 28 p., tabl. [Don 2799-60]
    Edition : [1960] Washington International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    Auteur du texte : Hermann Josef Abs (1901-1994)

  • Central planning and control in war and peace

    Note : Note : The London school of economics and political science. University of London
    Edition : 1947. In-8° (220 x 145), 61 p. [Ech. int. 2026] -VIId- Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University press

  • Three Europeans look at America

    welfare policy, social trends and foreign affairs

    Material description : VIII-54 p.
    Edition : 1977 Berkeley University of California, Institute of governmental studies
    Auteur du texte : Jean Gottmann (1915-1994)

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