John Payne Collier (1789-1883)

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Londres, 11-01-1789
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Note :
Historien, bibliographe et homme de lettres
Variant of the name :
Amicus Curiae (1789-1883)


Éditeur scientifique19 documents

  • Ancient biographical poems on the duke of Norfolk, Viscount Hereford, the Earls of Essex and Queen Elizabeth, from Gough's Norfolk Mss. in the Bodleian library

    Material description : 26 p.
    Edition : 1855 (London) the Camden Society

  • The Egerton Papers, a collection of public and private documents chiefly illustrative of the times of Elizabeth and James I, from the original manuscripts, the property of the... Lord Francis Egerton... Edited by J. Payne Collier

    Material description : In-4
    Note : Note : Works of th Camden society. N°12
    Edition : 1840 London

  • Extracts from the registers of the Stationer's company

    Edition : 1848-1849. - 2 vol. in-8° (22 cm), X-252-12 + XVI-252-8 p. [Don S.R. 2117-2-3] London, Shakespeare society
    Éditeur scientifique : Stationers' Company. Londres

  • Five old Plays, illustrating the early progress of the English drama (by N. Woodes and R. Wilson)...

    Material description : In-4°
    Edition : 1851 London

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Auteur du texte18 documents

  • A Bibliographical and critical account of the rarest books in the English language...

    Note : Note : Exemplaire enrichi de notes manuscrites
    Edition : 1865. 2 vol. in-8° (215 x 140) [Don 217025] -Ia- London, J. Lilly (impr. de G. Norman)

  • A Bibliographical and critical account of the rarest books in the English language... which during the last fifty years have come under the observation of J. Payne Collier,...

    Material description : 2 vol. in-8°
    Edition : 1865 London J. Lilly

  • Bull of pope Innocent VIII on the marriage of Henry VII with Elizabeth of York, communicated by J. Payne Collier,...

    Material description : In-4° , 7 p.
    Note : Note : The Camden miscellany. I
    Edition : 1847 London the Camden society

  • A Catalogue, bibliographical and critical, of early English literature

    Edition : 1837. - In-4° (28 cm), IV-366 p., ill., pl. [Don 2117-48] London

  • A Few remarks on the emendation "who smothers her with painting", in the play of "Cymbeline"

    Edition : 1852. In-8° (228 x 149), 15 p. [Don 217025] -Xb- London, J. R. Smith (printed by Tucker)
    Auteur du texte : James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps (1820-1889)

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Annotateur1 document

  • An Inquiry into the genuineness of the manuscript corrections in Mr J. Payne Collier's annotated Shakspere

    Edition : 1840. In-8° (225 x 176), 156 p., fac-sim., couv. ill. [Don 217025] -XcTh- London, R. Bentley (printed by W. Clowes and sons)

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Auteur de l'envoi1 document

  • [Roman Sketchbook]

    [Reprod. en fac-sim.]
    Material description : 1 vol. ([66] f.)
    Note : Note : Reproduction lithographique à 100 exemplaires initiée par le possesseur du carnet manuscrit, le Duc de Devonshire, en décembre 1830. - 24 des 66 feuillets sont blancs. - Reliure d'édition en parchemin souple, liens de soie
    Edition : 1831] [Chatsworth the Duke of Devonshire
    Auteur du texte : Inigo Jones (1573-1652)
    Ancien possesseur : William Spencer Cavendish Devonshire (duc de, 1790-1858)

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Autre1 document

  • The history of patient grisel

    Two early tracts in black letter

    [Reprod. en fac-sim.]
    Note : Note : Réimpression de l'éd. de 1619, London, H. L. for W. Luggert, publ. sous le titre : "The ancient, true and admirable history of patient Grisel, a poore mans daugther in France"
    Edition : 1842 London (St Martin's lane) printed for the Percy Society by T. Richard

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  • Documents by this author : On Shakespeare : the text of the lectures of 1811-12 / [as related by John Payne Collier in his diary], 1971
    Criticism on the bar / (Amicus Curiae), 1819
  • Ouvrages de reference : DNB
    Dizionario biografico universale / G. Garollo, 1907
  • Catalogues de la BnF : BN Cat. gén.

Variant of the name

  • Amicus Curiae (1789-1883)

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