Edward Hawke Hawke (baron, 1705-1781)

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Amiral. - 1er baron Hawke
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Edward Hawke


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  • The Hawke papers

    a selection, 1743-1771

    Material description : XIX-521 p.
    Edition : 1990 Aldershot (GB) Scolar press. - for the Navy records society

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Sources for the record

  • The Hawke papers / ed. by Ruddock Mackay, 1990
  • BLNA, 1991 et LCNA, 1986 : Hawke, Edward Hawke, Baron, 1705-1781

Variant of the name

  • Edward Hawke

Wikipedia Biography

  • Edward Hawke, 1 baron Hawke, était un amiral de la Royal Navy pendant la guerre de Sept Ans.

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