John Lemprière (1765?-1824)

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Birth :
Jersey, GB, 1765
Death :
Londres, 01-02-1824
Note :
Lexicographe. - Instituteur. - A dirigé l'Abingdon school à partir de 1792, puis la Grammar school d'Exeter jusqu'en 1810. - Recteur de Meath dans le Devon à partir de 1811


Auteur du texte9 documents

  • "Bibliotheca classica", or a Classical dictionary, contain ing a full account of all the proper names mentioned in antient authors, to which are subjoined tables of coins, weights and measures in use among the Greeks and Romans

    Material description : In-8° , sign. A-Z, Aa-Zz, 3 A-3 Z, 4 A-4 Z, 5 A-5 K, tabl.
    Note : Note : La préface est signée de l'auteur : "J. Lempriere"
    Edition : 1788 Reading ; London T. Cadell

  • "Bibliotheca classica"... to which is now prefixed a chronological table by J. Lempriere,... The 3d edition...

    Material description : In-8° , XXVIII p., sign. A-Z, Aa-Zz, 3 A
    Edition : 1797 London T. Cadell and W. Davies

  • A Classical dictionary

    Edition : 1839. - In-8° (21 cm), XXIV-738 p., tabl. [Don 4058-66] London, T. Allman

  • A classical dictionary containing a copious account of all the proper names mentioned in ancient authors, with the value of coins, weights and measures used among the Greeks and Romans and a chronological table...

    7th ed. corr.
    Material description : XXXII-848 p.
    Edition : 1820 London printed for T. Cadell & W. Davies

  • A Classical dictionary, containing a copious account of all the proper names mentioned in antient authors... by J. Lempriere,... A new edition... by F. D. Lempriere,...

    Material description : In-4° , non paginé
    Edition : 1839 London T. Cadell

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