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Astronome. - En poste au Department of astronomy, University of Manchester, GB (en 1979)


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  • Dynamics of close binary systems

    Material description : XIII-510 p.
    Note : Note : Bibliogr. p. 491-501. Index
    Edition : cop. 1978 Dordrecht. - Boston. - London D. Reidel

  • Exploration of the moon by spacecraft

    Material description : 18 cm, VIII-88 p., [33] pl
    Note : Note : Contemporary science paperbacks. 21. _ Bibliogr. pp. 84-86. Index
    Edition : 1968 Edinburgh, London, Oliver and Boyd

  • Language of the stars

    a discourse on the theory of the light changes of eclipsing variables

    Material description : VII-280 p.
    Note : Note : Bibliogr. p. 273-276. Index
    Edition : cop. 1979 Dordrecht. - Boston. - London D. Reidel

  • Mathematical theory of stellar eclipses

    Material description : VI-162 p.
    Note : Note : Bibliogr. p. 157-159. Index
    Edition : cop. 1990 Dordrecht. - Boston. - London Kluwer academic publ.

  • The Moon

    Material description : 24 cm, XVI-525 p., ill., 2 cartes dépl
    Note : Note : Titre de la 1ère édition: Introduction to the study of the moon. _ Copyright 1969. _ Bibliogr. pp. 493-517. Index
    Edition : [1969] Dordrecht D. Reidel publishing C°

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  • Astrometric binaries

    an international conference to commemorate the birth of Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel, 1784-1846

    Material description : VI-207 p.
    Note : Note : Réimpr. de : "Astrophysics & space science", vol. 110, no. 1.. - Bibliogr. en fin de textes
    Edition : cop. 1985 Dordrecht. - Boston D. Reidel

  • Binary and multiple stars as tracers of stellar evolution

    proceedings of the 69th Colloquium of the International astronomical union, held in Bamberg, F.R.G., August 31-September 3, 1981

    Material description : XXX-503 p.
    Note : Note : Bibliogr. en fin de textes. Index
    Edition : cop. 1982 Dordrecht. - Boston. - London D. Reidel

  • Double stars, physical properties, and generic relations

    proceedings of IAU colloquium no. 80, held at Lembang, Java, 3-7 June 1983

    Material description : V-410 p.
    Note : Note : Réimpr. de "Astrophysics and space science", vol. 99, n °1/2. - Bibliogr. en fin de chap.
    Edition : cop. 1984 Dordrecht. - Boston D. Reidel

  • Photometric and spectroscopic binary systems

    proceedings of the NATO advanced study institute held at Maratea, Italy, June 1-14, 1980

    Material description : XI-572 p.
    Note : Note : Bibliogr. en fin de textes. Index
    Edition : cop. 1981 Dordrecht. - Boston. - London D. Reidel
    Éditeur scientifique : Organisation du traité de l'Atlantique nord. Division des affaires scientifiques

  • Physics and astronomy of the moon

    Material description : 23 cm, XIV-303 p., ill
    Note : Note : Index
    Edition : 1971 New York, London, Academic press

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Autre1 document

  • The internal constitution of stars

    Material description : Paginé 1-76
    Note : Note : Extr. de : "Annals of the New York academy of sciences". Vol. XLI, Art. 1
    Edition : 1941 New York. - [Lancaster, Pa.] [printed by Intelligencer printing]
    Autre : Henry Norris Russell (1877-1957), Harlow Shapley (1885-1972)

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  • Physics and astronomy of the moon / ed. by Zdeněk Kopal, 1971
    Language of the stars / Zdenĕk Kopal, 1979

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