Thomas Beddoes (1760-1808)

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Shifnal, GB, 13-04-1760
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Médecin et chimiste. - Professeur de chimie à l'Université d'Oxford (1786-1792). - Fondateur de l'Institut pneumatique à Bristol


Auteur du texte9 documents

  • A Collection of testimonies respecting the treatment of the venereal disease by nitrous acid, published by Thomas Beddoes,...

    Material description : In-8° , XVII-277 p.
    Edition : 1799 London J. Johnson

  • Communications respecting the external and internal use of nitrous acid, demonstrating its efficacy in every form of venereal disease and extending its use to other complaints, with original facts and a preliminary discourse, by the editor Thomas Beddoes,...

    Material description : In-8° , LXIII-125 p.
    Edition : 1800 London J. Johnson

  • Considerations on the medicinal use and the production of factitious airs, Part I, by Thomas Beddoes,... Part II (and V), by James Watt,... Edition the second to which are added communications from Drs Carmichael, Darwin, Ewart,... and others

    Material description : 2 vol. in-8° , pl.
    Note : Note : Mq. part. 3 et 4
    Edition : 1795 (-1796) Bristol J. Johnson

  • Hygeïa, or Essays moral and medical on the causes affecting the personal state of our middling and affluent classes, by Thomas Beddoes,...

    Material description : 3 vol. in-8°
    Edition : 1802-1803 Bristol printed by J. Mills

  • A Letter to the right honourable sir Joseph Banks,... on the causes and removal of the prevailing discontents, imperfections and abuses in medicine, from Thomas Beddoes,...

    Material description : In-8° , 148 p.
    Edition : 1808 London R. Phillips

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Traducteur2 documents

  • The Chemical essays of Charle-William Scheele, translated from the "Transactions of the academy of sciences at Stockholm", with additions

    Material description : In-8° , XIII-2-406 p.
    Note : Note : Édité par Thomas Beddoes qui signe la préface
    Edition : 1786 London J. Murray

  • A Dissertation on elective attractions

    [Disquisitio de attractionibus electivis]

    Material description : XVI-398 p.
    Note : Note : Traduction attribuée à Thomas Beddoes d'après le cat. du British Museum. - Index
    Edition : 1970 London F. Cass and C °
    Auteur du texte : Torbern Bergman (1735-1784)

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Éditeur scientifique2 documents

  • The Elements of medicine of John Brown,... translated from the Latin with comments and illustrations by the author, a new edition revised... with a biographical preface by Thomas Beddoes,... and a head of the author

    Material description : 2 vol. in-8°
    Edition : 1795 London J. Johnson

  • Reports principally concerning the effects of the nitrous acid in the venereal disease, by the surgeons of the Royal Hospital at Plymouth and by other practitioners

    Material description : In-8°
    Edition : 1797 Bristol

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