Werner Baer

Language :anglais
Note :Economiste. - Professeur à Yale university, New Haven, Connecticut (en 1964)
ISNI :ISNI 0000 0001 2320 5613


Éditeur scientifique3 documents

  • Brazil under Lula

    economy, politics, and society under the worker-president

    Material description : 1 vol. (XVI-326 p.)
    Note : Note : Notes bibliogr.
    Edition : New York (N.Y.) : Palgrave Macmillan , 2009

    disponible en Haut de Jardin

  • The economies of Argentina and Brazil

    a comparative perspective

    Material description : 1 vol. (XX-487 p.)
    Edition : Cheltenham : E. Elgar , cop. 2011

    disponible en Haut de Jardin

  • Inflation and growth in Latin America

    Material description : XIX-542 p.
    Note : Note : Index
    Edition : Homewood (Ill.) : R. D. Irwin , 1964
    Auteur du texte : Conference on inflation and economic growth (1963)


Auteur du texte2 documents

  • The brazilian economy

    growth and development

    5th ed.
    Material description : XIX-498 p.
    Note : Note : Bibliogr. p. 473-491. Index
    Edition : Westport (Conn.) ; London : Praeger , cop. 2001

  • Siderurgia e desenvolvimento brasileiro

    Material description : 244 p.
    Note : Note : Biblioteca de ciências sociais. - Bibliogr. pp. 237-243
    Edition : Rio de Janeiro : Zahar , 1970


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Sources and references


  • Inflation and growth in Latin America / [Conference on inflation and economic growth, held in Rio de Janeiro from January 3-11, 1963] ; [organized by the DiTella institute in Argentina, the Institute of economics of the university of Chile, the National planning association in the United States [et al.] ; ed. by Werner Baer and Isaac Kerstenetzky, 1964
  • LCNA (CD OCLC), 1994-09

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