Eva Germaine Rimington Taylor (1879-1966)

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Géographe et historienne des sciences
Professeur de géographie à l'Université de Londres (en 1959)


Auteur du texte20 documents

  • Air age World map for two thousand million neighbours

    Material description : Carte en coul. en 6 carrés : 180 x 180 et 8 triangles isocèles 180 x 180, titre et mode d'emploi sur 2 triangles, notice en 12 p., sous pochette
    Note : Note : Accompagné de deux transparents : Great circle scale of distances, flying hours and ground stations. A : Scale for square faces ; B : ... for Triangular faces. - Titre de la pochette : Olympic world map for to-day, New air age geography. To use either as a "Globe" or flat in many interesting arrangements
    Map scale : 1:39500000
    Edition : 1934 [London] R. Sculthorp & Co. . - Distributors : George Philip & Son
    Auteur du texte : George Philip and Son. Londres

  • The geographical ideas of Robert Hooke

    Material description : P. 525-538
    Note : Note : Extr. de : "Geographical Journal". June 1937, pp. 525-538
    Edition : [1937] [S.l.]

  • Geography of an air age, by E. G. R. Taylor

    Material description : In-16, 55 p., fig.
    Note : Note : "Looking forward", pamphlets on reconstruction. N° 4
    Edition : (1945) London Royal institute of international affairs

  • Guide to periodicals and bibliographies dealing with geography, archaeology and history, compiled by E. Jeffries Davis... and E. G. R. Taylor,...

    Material description : In-8° , 23 p.
    Note : Note : Historical association pamphlet. N° 110
    Edition : 1935 London G. Bell and sons

  • The Haven-finding art

    Material description : 22 cm., 310 p., front., ill., pl., cartes en reprod. dt. 3 h.-t., couv. ill
    Edition : 1971 London, Sydney, Toronto, Hollis & Carter
    Contributeur : Joseph Needham (1900-1995)

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Préfacier5 documents

  • Select documents illustrating the four voyages of Columbus, including those contained in R. H. Major's select letters of Christopher Columbus

    Fac-sim. ed.
    Material description : LXXXIX-164 p.-[2] cartes dépl.-[2] p. de pl. ill.
    Note : Note : Index
    Edition : 1967 Millwood (N.Y.) Kraus Reprint

    disponible en Haut de Jardin

  • Copy-book of letters outward... begins 29th May, 1680 ends 5 July 1687

    Material description : XL-415 p.
    Edition : 1948 Toronto the Champlain society

  • The Italo-Yugoslav boundary

    Material description : In-8° (225 x 145), VIII-241 p., cartes
    Edition : 1945 London G. Philip and son

  • London, 200 years ago...

    Material description : 64 p.
    Note : Note : A daily mail publication
    Edition : [s.d.] [London] The Daily Mail

  • E. A. Gutkind. Our world from the air, an international survey of man and his environment... Foreword by G. P. Gooch,... Introduction by... E. G. R. Taylor,...

    Material description : In-4°, non paginé, pl., cartes
    Note : Note : Published under the auspices of the British Institute of sociology
    Edition : 1952 London Chatto and Windus
    Préfacier : George Peabody Gooch (1873-1968)

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Éditeur scientifique5 documents

  • A Brief summe of geographie by Roger Barlow [edited with an Introduction and Notes by E. G. R. Taylor,...]

    Note : Note : Works issued by the Hakluyt Society. Second Series. No LXIX
    Edition : 1932. In-8°, LVI-210 p., carte, facs. London, the Hakluyt Society

  • The Original writings and correspondence of the two Richard Hakluyts

    Material description : 2 vol. (XIV-X-516 p.)
    Edition : 1935 London the Hakluyt Society
    Auteur du texte : Richard Hakluyt (1552?-1616)

  • A regiment for the sea

    and other writings on navigation

    Material description : In-8° (22 cm), XXXV-464 p., fig., fac-sim., carte h. t.
    Note : Note : Works issued by the Hakluyt society. 2nd series. No 121
    Edition : 1963 Cambridge University press

  • The Troublesome voyage of Captain Edward Fenton

    Material description : In-8° (22 cm), LVIII-333 p., fig., pl., portrait, cartes, plans, fac-sim.
    Edition : 1959 Cambridge University press

  • The troublesome voyage of Captain Edward Fenton


    Material description : LVII-333 p., XV p. de pl.
    Note : Note : Contient le "Sea journal of Edward Fenton in the Galleon Leicester"p. 83-149
    Edition : 1959 Cambridge University press

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  • The troublesome voyage of Captain Edward Fenton 1582-1583 / narratives and documents ed. by E. G. R. Taylor, 1959
  • LCNA (CD OCLC), 1994-09

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