Hector Boece (1465?-1536)

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Humaniste et historien
Variants of the name :
Hector Boyce (1465?-1536)
Hector Boethius Deidodanus (1465?-1536)
Hector Boetius (1465?-1536)
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Auteur du texte14 documents

  • The Chronicles of Scotland compiled by Hector Boece. Translated into Scots by John Bellenden, 1531. Edited in continuation of the work of... Walter Seton, by R. W. Chambers... Edith C. Batho [and H. Winifred Husbands.]

    Note : Note : Scottish text society. 3rd series. 10. 15
    Edition : 1938-1941. - 2 vol. in-8°(22,5 cm), XVI-419-478 p. [Acq. 1476-59] Edinburgh, W. Blackwood and sons

  • Contenu dans : Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland...

    The Description of Scotland. - [2]

    Material description : 6 vol. in-4̊
    Edition : 1807-1808 London J. Johnson

  • Contenu dans : The firste volume of the Chronicles of England, Scotlande and Irelande, conteyning the description and chronicles of England, from the first inhabiting unto the conquest ; the description and chronicles of Scotland from the first originall of the Scottes nation, till the yeare of Our Lorde 1571 ; the description and chronicles of Yrelande, like while from the firste originall of that nation, untill the yeare 1547, faithfully gathered and set forth, by Raphaell Holinshed. - The laste volume of the chronicles of England, Scotlande and Irelande, with their descriptions, conteyning the chronicles of Englande from William Conquerour untill this present time...

    The Description of Scotlande... translated... into English... by W. H. (Harrison.). - [1]

    Material description : 2 vol. in-4° , car. goth., fig., titre avec encadr.
    Edition : 1577 London L. Harrison (and J. Hunne)

  • Episcoporum Murthlacensium et Aberdonensium

    Note : Note : Rel. v. fauve, estampé
    Edition : 1522. In-4°(195x140), 38 ff. ch., 1 f. n. ch. et 1 f. blanc, lettres ornées, manchettes, marque typogr. de Josse Bade au titre, dans encadr. grav. sur bois. [Acq. 302026] -IIc- .6106. (Paris,)

  • Episcoporum Murthlacensium et Aberdonensium ♦ Vitae

    Note : Sources : Renouard, ICP, III, 270
    Edition : 15 mai 1522 Paris Josse Bade
    Imprimeur-libraire : Josse Bade (1461?-1535)

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Sources for the record

  • Documents by this author : Hectoris Boetii Murthlacensium et Aberdonensium episcoporum vitae / ed. and transl. by James Moir, 1894
    The Chronicles of Scotland compiled by Hector Boece ; transl. into Scots by John Bellenden, 1531 / ed. by R. W. Chambers, 1938
  • Ouvrages de reference : GDEL : Boece ou Boyce (Hector)
    Oxford english lit. : Boece or Boëthius (Hector)
    Potthast : Boethius Deidodanus, Hector
    Chevalier : Boethius (Hector)
  • Catalogues de la BnF : BN Cat. gén. : Boethius (Hector)

Variants of the name

  • Hector Boyce (1465?-1536)
  • Hector Boethius Deidodanus (1465?-1536)
  • Hector Boetius (1465?-1536)
  • Hector Boethius (1465?-1536)

Wikipedia Biography

  • Hector Boece, parfois écrit Boethius ou Boyce, était un philosophe écossais né à Dundee.

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