Cyrus Adler (1863-1940)

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Éditeur de la "Jewish Encyclopedia"


Auteur du texte16 documents

  • Biblical antiquities, a description of the exhibit at the Cotton states international exposition, Atlanta, 1895, by Cyrus Adler,... and I. M. Casanowicz,...

    Material description : In-8 °, paginé : 943-1023, pl.
    Note : Note : Smithsonian institution, U. S. National Museum
    Edition : 1898 Washington Government printing office

  • The Collection of Jewish ceremonial objects in the United States National Museum, by Cyrus Adler and I. M. Casanowicz,...

    Note : Note : From the "Proceedings of the United States National Museum", vol. 34
    Edition : 1908. In-8°, paginé 701-746, 46 pl. Washington, Government printing office

  • Contenu dans : Columbus and his discovery of America, by Herbert B. Adams,... and Henry Wood,...

    Columbus in Oriental literature. - [1]

    Material description : In-8° , 88 p.
    Note : Note : Outre les discours des professeurs Adams et Wood, respectivement intitulés : "Columbus and his discovery of America" et "The Discovery of America", contient : "The First Jew in America", par M. Kayserling, "Columbus in Oriental literature", par Cyrus Adler, et en appendice : "Bibliographies of the discovery of America", et "Public memorials of Columbus", par Charles Weathers Bump. - Johns Hopkins University studies in historical and political science, herbert B. Adams editor, 10th series, X-XI
    Edition : 1892 Baltimore the Johns Hopkins press

  • Descriptive catalogue of a collection of objects of Jewish ceremonial deposited to the U.S. National Museum by Hadji Ephraim Benguiat

    Material description : Paginé 537-561
    Note : Note : Smithsonian institution, U. S. national museum
    Edition : 1901 Washington Government printing office

  • The international Catalogue of scientific literature, second conference, by Cyrus Adler,...

    Note : Note : Reprinted from 'Science', June 2, 9, 1899
    Edition : (New York.) In-8°. Pièce

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Éditeur scientifique4 documents

  • Jewish quarterly review. Monograph series

    Edition : Philadelphia, Dropsie college for Hebrew and cognate learning. In-8°

  • Oriental studies

    published in commemoration of the 40th anniversary (1883-1923) of Paul Haupt...

    Material description : LXX-470 p.-[1] f. de pl.
    Note : Note : Textes en allemand, anglais, arabe et italien. _ Reprod. de l'éd. de 1926
    Edition : 1975 Baltimore. - Leipzig Johns Hopkins press. - J.C. Hinrichs'sche Buchandlung

  • Trial of Gabriel de Granada by the inquisition in Mexico (1642-1645)

  • The Voice of America on Kischineff, edited by Cyrus Adler

    Edition : 1904. In-16, XXVI-491 p. Philadelphia, the Jewish Publication Society of America

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Préfacier3 documents

  • A Century of Judaism in New York. B'Nai Jeshurun, 1825-1925, New York's oldest Ashkenazic congregation, by Israel Goldstein,... [Foreword by Cyrus Adler.]

    Material description : In-8°, XXX-460 p., pl., portr., couv. ill.
    Note : Note : Envoi autographe d'auteur
    Edition : 1930 New York Congrégation B'Nai Jeshurun

  • Essays ans studies in memory of Linda R. Miller

    Edition : 1938. Gr. in-8°, IV-286 p. en anglais, et 83 p. en hébreu, portrait New York, the Jewish theological seminary of America

  • The life and morals of Jesus of Nazareth...

    Auteur du texte : Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

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