John Oldham (1653-1683)

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Satiriste et poète
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The Author of the ″Satyrs upon the Jesuits″ (1653-1683)


Auteur du texte7 documents

  • The Compositions in prose and verse of Mr. John Oldham, to which are added memoirs of his life, and explanatory notes upon some obscure passages of his writings, by Edward Thompson...

    Material description : 3 vol. in-8°
    Edition : 1770 London W. Flexney

  • Poems and translations, by the author of the "Satyrs upon the Jesuits" [John Oldham]

    Material description : In-8° , IV-215 p.
    Edition : 1684 London J. Hindmarsh

  • Poems and translations, by the author of the Satyrs upon the jesuits [John Oldham]

    Edition : 1683. In-8°, IV-215 p. [Acq. 312701] -XcP- London, J. Hindmarsh

  • The Poems of John Oldham

    Material description : CXII-592 p.
    Note : Note : Index
    Edition : 1987 Oxford Clarendon press
    Éditeur scientifique : Harold Fletcher Brooks

  • Remains of Mr. John Oldham in verse and prose

    Material description : In-8° , pièces limin., 127 p.
    Edition : 1687 London J. Hindmarsh

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  • Documents by this author : The Poems of John Oldham / ed. by H. F. Brooks, 1987
    Poems and translations / by the author of the ″Satyrs upon the Jesuits″ [John Oldham], 1684
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    Van Thieghem
  • Catalogues de la BnF : BN Cat. gén.
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Variant of the name

  • The Author of the ″Satyrs upon the Jesuits″ (1653-1683)

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