George Gordon Coulton (1858-1947)

Country :Grande-Bretagne
Language :anglais
Gender :masculin
Birth :King's Lynn, GB, 15-10-1858
Death :Cambridge, GB, 04-03-1947
Note :
Historien. - Essayiste
ISNI :ISNI 0000 0001 2144 2148


Auteur du texte32 documents

  • Art and the Reformation, by G. G. Coulton

    Edition : Cambridge, University press , 1953. In-8°, XXII-622 p., fig., pl., fac-sim., plans. [Ech. int. 1307-57] -IXb-IIc-

  • Chaucer and his England, by G. G. Coulton,...

    Edition : London, Methuen , 1908. In-8°, XII-321 p., fig. et pl.

  • Chaucer and his England, by G. G. Coulton,... 2nd edition

    Edition : London, Methuen , 1909. - In-8°, XX-322 p., fig., pl., portrait, plans, fac-sim. [Acq. 3954-58] -Xb-

  • Christ, St-Francis and to-day, by G. G. Coulton,...

    Edition : Cambridge, University press , 1919. In-8°, 203 p.

  • The Chronicler of European chivalry, by G. G. Coulton,...

    Note : Note : Studio special winter number
    Edition : London, the Studio , 1930. In-4°, X-133 p., fig., pl. en noir et en coul.


Éditeur scientifique4 documents

  • Commentary on the Rule of St. Augustine

    Material description : XXXII-211 p.
    Edition : Edinburgh : the University press , 1935
    Auteur du texte : Robert Richardson (15..-1573)

  • From St. Francis to Dante, translations from the Chronicle of the Franciscan Salimbene, 1221-1288, with notes and illustrations from other medieval sources, by G. G. Coulton,... 2nd edition...

    Edition : London, D. Nott (printed by Barnicott and Pearce) , 1907. In-8° (220 x 140), XVI-446 p., planche. [Acq. 308176] -VIIId-
    Auteur du texte : Salimbene de Adam (1221-1288?)

  • Life in the middle ages

    Note : Note : The Cambridge anthologies
    Edition : Cambridge, the University press , 1930. 2 vol. in-8°, fig., pl., plan, fac-sim. [Ech. int. 10833] -IIb- .665.

  • Life in the Middle Ages

    Material description : 4 parties en 2 vol., XX-248-190 + XX-170-411 p.
    Note : Note : Index à la fin de chaque vol.-1. I-II. Religion, folk-lore and superstition. Chronicles, science and art. 2. III-IV. Men and manners. Monks, friars and nuns
    Edition : Cambridge : University press , 1967


Directeur de publication1 document

  • Cambridge studies in medieval life and thought

    Edition : Cambridge ; London ; New York ; Melbourne : Cambridge university press , 1920-


Préfacier1 document

  • Stained glass of the XIIth and XIIIth centuries from French cathedrals...

    Note : Note : Iris color books
    Edition : London, B. T. Batsford , 1947. In-fol., 14 p., pl. en coul., couv.-ill. [Acq. 304656] -IXc- .1850.
    Auteur du texte : Marcel Aubert (1884-1962)


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  • Documents by this author : A Medieval garner : human documents from the 4 centuries preceding the Reformation / selected, translated and annotated by G. G. Coulton, 1910
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