Mawhūb ibn Aḥmad al- Ǧawālīqī (1073-1144)

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Bagdad, 19-07-1144
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Philologue. - Homme de lettres et de sciences


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  • Catalogues de la BnF : BN Cat. arabe, 1514-1959
    BN Cat. gén. : Djawâlîqî (Abou Mansour Manhoub ibn Moḥammad ibn al-Khiḍr al-)
    BnF Service arabe

Variants of the name

  • Mawhūb ibn Aḥmad Abū Manṣūr Ibn al-Ğawālīqī (1073-1144)
  • Mawhūb ibn Aḥmad Abū Manṣūr al-Ğawālīqī (1073-1144)
  • Mawhūb ibn Aḥmad Abū Manṣūr al-Ğawālīqī (1073-1144)
  • Mawhoub ibn Ahmed Abou Mansour Jawaliqi (1073-1144)
  • Abū Manṣūr Mawhūb ibn Aḥmed ibn Muḥammed ibn Al-K̲h̲iḍr D̲jawālīḳī (1073-1144)
  • Mawhub ibn Ahmad Abou Mansour Gawaliki (1073-1144)

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