Edward Edwards (1812-1886)

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Londres, 14-12-1812
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Bibliothécaire, écrivain


Auteur du texte6 documents

  • Libraries and founders of libraries

    Reprint ed.
    Material description : XIX-503 p.-[1] f. de dépl.
    Edition : 1997 Bristol. - Tokyo Thoemmes press. - Kinokuniya

  • Libraries and founders of libraries

    [Facsimile ed.]
    Material description : 1 vol. (XIX-503 p.)
    Edition : 2009 Cambridge Cambridge university press

  • Libraries and founders of libraries

    Material description : 1 vol. (XX-503 p.)
    Edition : 1865. In-8°, XX-503 p., pl., cartes. [Don 2117-55] -Ibis- London Trübner

  • Lives of the founders of the British Museum

    Reprint ed.
    Material description : X-780 p.-[2] f. de pl.-[4] p. de dépl.
    Note : Note : Le titre de l'éd. originale porte en plus : "with notices of its chief augmentors andother benefactors : 1570-1870". - Index
    Edition : 1997 Bristol. - Tokyo Thoemmes. - Kinokuniya

  • Memoirs of libraries

    including a handbook of library economy

    Material description : 2 vol. (XXVIII-841 p.-[5] f. de pl. depl., XXXVII-1104 p.-[XIV] f. de pl. dont 2 depl)
    Edition : 1859 London Trübner

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Éditeur scientifique2 documents1 digitized document

  • Liber monasterii de Hyda

    A. D. 455-1023

    Material description : 11 microfiches
    Note : Note : Texte en latin, introd. en anglais. - Index
    Edition : [19??] Doetinchem Microlibrary Slangenburg Abbey

    [catalogue, Visualize the document in Gallica][]
  • Liber monasterii de Hyda

    comprising a chronicle of the affairs of England, from the settlement of the Saxons to the reign of King Cnut ; and a chartulary of the abbey of Hyde, in Hampsire A. D. 455-1023

    Material description : Gr. in-8°
    Note : Note : Rerum britannicarum medii aevi scriptores, 45
    Edition : 1866 London Longmans

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Autre2 documents

  • A brief descriptive catalogue of the medals struck in France, and its dependencies, between the years 1789 and 1830, contained in the cabinet of the British Museum, with the deficencies noted. By the editor of "the Napoleon medals" ( Edward Edwards. [october 27, 1837].)

    Material description : In-8 °
    Edition : 1837 London printed by J. and C. Adlard

  • Chapters of the biographical history of the French Academy. With an appendix relating to the unpublished monastic chronicle, intitled : "Liber de Hyda"

    Material description : In-8 °
    Edition : 1864 London Trübner

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  • Documents by this author : Libraries and founders of libraries / Edward Edwards, 1997 [reprod. de l'éd. de 1865]
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    British biogr. index
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