They bid me slight my Dermot dear . WoO 152, no 18
duo vocal

Langue :anglais
Date :07-1810
Note :
Poème de William Smyth. - Date de composition : juillet 1810

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  • Genre musical: chanson

    Poèmes de Joanna Baillie, Alexander Boswell, Robert Burns, Thomas Campbell, John Philpot Curran, Anne Grant, Walter Scott, William Smyth, William Robert Spencer, David Thomson, T. Toms, John Wolcot. - Dates de composition : juillet 1810 - février 1812. - Éd. dans : "A select collection of original Irish airs for the voice united to characteristic English poetry" : Édimbourg : G. Thomson, [1814]

    Réunit : "The return to Ulster" ; "Sweet power of song" ; "Once more I hail thee" ; "The morning air plays on my face" ; "On the massacre of Glencoe" ; "What shall I do to shew how much I love her ?" ; "His boat comes on the sunny side" ; "Come draw we round a cheerful ring" ; "The soldier's dream" ; "The deserter" ; "Thou emblem of faith" ; "English bulls" ; "Musing on the roaring ocean" ; "Dermot and Shelah" ; "Let brainspinning swains" ; "Hide not thy anguish" ; "In vain to this desart" ; "They bid me slight my Dermot dear" ; "Wife, children and friends" ; "Farewell bliss and farewell Nancy" ; "Morning a cruel turmoiler is" ; "From Garyone, my happy home" ; "The wand'ring gipsy" ; "The Traugh welcome" ; "Oh harp of Erin". - Les no 2, 6 et 17-20 sont à 2 voix

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