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Réunit 14 dialogues pour 2 ou 3 voix et basse continue

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  • Collected vocal music Part 2

    Dialogues, partsongs, and catches

    Description matérielle : 1 partition (XXXV-197 p.) : fac-sim. ; 31 cm
    Description : Note : Réunit : Dialogues : "When death shall snatch us from these kids" ; "A health to the northern lass" ; "The cats" ; "Come, heavy heart" ; "Tis not, boy, thy amorous look" ; "Charon ! O gentle Charon !" ; "Orpheus, O Orpheus, gently touch thy Lesbian lyre" ; "Come, my Daphne, come away" ; "Charon, O Charon !" ; "Haste you nymphs" ; "Sacred love whose virtuous power" ; "The lark" ; "Vulcan, O Vulcan, my love" ; "What if I die for love of thee ?" ; Partsongs : "A hall, a hall" ; "When each line's a faithful drinker" ; "What ho, we come to be merry" ; "Music, the master of thy art is dead" ; "All these lie howling" ; "Come, lovely Cloris" ; "Gather your rosebuds" / arr. John Playford ; "Good morrow unto her" ; "Love is lost" ; "O my Clarissa" ; Solo plus chorus : "Come, take a carouse" ; "Beliza, shade your shining eyes" ; "On, on compassion shall never enter here" ; "Come, Adonis, come again" ; "Fill, fill the bowl" ; "There can be no glad man" ; "Tis no shame to yield to beauty" ; "What should my mistress do" ; Catches : "Some drink, boy" ; "Hark jolly lads" ; "Call for the ale" ; "Let's cast away care" ; "Stand still and listen" ; "If we shall drink canary" ; "I do confess" ; "Whither go ye" ; "Come, my lads" ; "Tom, Ned, and Jack" ; "Never let a man" ; "Though I am not Bacchus'priest" ; "Brisk claret and sherry" ; "Wars are our delight" ; "A knot of good fellows" ; "A pox on our jailer" ; "A round, a round, a round, boys" ; "Bess, black as a charcoal" ; "Come, Amarillis, now let us be merry" ; "Come, follow me brave hearts" ; "Come, let us cast the dice" ; "Come, let us have a merry heart" ; "Come, quaff apace this brisk canary wine" ; "Dainty fine aniseed water fine" ; "Drink tonight of the moonshine bright" ; "Goose lawed with Goose" ; "Hang sorrow and cast away care" ; "Hie we to the other world" ; "I'll tell you of a matter" ; "It is folly to be jolly" ; "See how Cawood's dragon looks" ; "See how in gathering of their May" ; "The pot, the pipe, the quart, the can" ; "The wise men were but seven". - En annexe, 19 oeuvres incomplètes ou à l'attribution douteuse ou fausse. - Ed. des textes. - Introduction et commentaire critique
    Édition : Middleton (Wis.) : A-R Ed. , cop. 2002
    Compositeur : William Lawes (1602-1645)
    Éditeur scientifique : Gordon J. Callon


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  • Collected vocal music. Part 2, Dialogues, partsongs, and catches / William Lawes, 2002

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