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  • Luther's works Volume 45. - II

    The Christian in society

    Description matérielle : 1 vol. (XVI-424)
    Description : Note : Contient : "The persons related by consanguinity and affinity who are forbidden to marry according to the scriptures, Leviticus 18" 1522 ; "The estate of marriage" 1522 ; "A sincere admonition by Martin Luther to all christians against insurrection an rebellion" 1522 ; "temporal authority : to what extent it should be obeyed" 1523 ; "An exhorattion to the Kinghts of the Teutonic order that they lay aside false chastity and assume the true chatity of wedlock" 1523 ; "Ordinance of a common chest, preface" 1523 ; "Fraternel agreementon the commoin chest of the entire assembly at Leising" ; "That Jesus Christ was born a Jew" 1523 ; "Trade and usury" 1524 ; "Exposition of Psalm 127, for the christians at Riga in Livonia" 1524 ; "To the councilmen of all cities in Germany that they establish and maintain christian schools" 1524 ; "That parents should neither compel nor hinder the marriage of their children and that children should not become engaged without their parents' consent" 1524. - Notes bibliogr.
    Édition : Philadelphia (Pa.) : Fortress press , 1962
    Éditeur scientifique : Helmut T. Lehmann (1914-1998)
    Auteur du texte : Martin Luther (1483-1546)


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  • Luther's works. Volume 45, The christian in society. II / edited by Walther I. Brandt ; general editor Helmut T. Lehmann, 1958
  • LC catalogue (2007-12-18)

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