Nāmadeva Sāḷubāī Ḍhasāla

Country :Inde
Language :marathe
Gender :masculin
Note :Poète et militant dalit. - Fondateur du mouvement Dalit Panther (en 1972)
Variants of the name :नामदॆव साळुबाई ढसाल (marathe)
Namdeo Dhasal
Namdeo Dhasal
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ISNI :ISNI 0000 0000 8029 0490


Auteur du texte1 document

  • Namdeo Dhasal

    poet of the underworld

    Material description : 1 vol. (180 p.)
    Edition : [Pondicherry] : Navayana Publishing , 2007


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Documents about the author Nāmadeva Sāḷubāī Ḍhasāla

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  • Documents by this author : Namdeo Dhasal : poet of the underworld : poems 1972-2006 / selected, introduced and translated from the Marathi by Dilip Chitre ; with photographs by Henning Stegmüller, 2007
  • Ouvrages de reference : LC Authorities : forme retenue (2010-02-18)
  • Catalogues de la BnF : BnF Service indien, 2010-02-18

Variants of the name

  • नामदॆव साळुबाई ढसाल (marathe)
  • Namdeo Dhasal
  • Namdeo Dhasal
  • Nāmadeva Ḍhasāla
  • Namdev Laxman Dhasal
  • Nāmadeva Sāḷubāī Ḍhasāla
  • Namdev Laxman Dhasal

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