November 2015 : all authority data in

The last release of consists of all validated authority data from the main catalogue and their related links to bibliographic records.
RDF data is now available also in JSON-LD. Besides the date of creation or update of the records has been added.

May 2015 : SPARQL endpoint interface enhancement

A new querying service interface has been deployed for Sample requests are displayed on the homepage to foster testings.

Last release: April 2015

The latest release provides 890 000 pages about authors (persons and organizations). This includes all the existing organizations described in the main catalogue, and all the authors that have published a document in 2014. therefore contains:

  • 890 000 persons and organizations
  • All the Rameau subject headings
  • All the periodicals, places and performances described at BnF

This new version also provides 17 500 links between themes and places, using a refined algorithm to create them

November 2014 release

This release provides over 600 000 pages about authors, over 7 millions of documents, and new links to BnF virtual exhibitions.

Besides RDF data now also provides:

  • links between the BnF geographic vocabulary and the RAMEAU subject headings (via a skos:closeMatch property)
  • a geoJSON export of geographic data
  • links to the virtual exhibitions and multimedia resources of the BnF (example : Gustave Doré)

July 2014 release : includes new contents and new links

Since July 2014, contains :

  • 400 000 authors and their related documents;
  • Web sites collected by the BnF, for the french digital Legal Deposit. For instance, see the page "Littérature".
  • Information from BnF archives et manuscrits, such as biographies, in "Sources and references", for instance, on Michel Guy.
  • a light data export in JSON is now available for all subject pages (RAMEAU), and in GeoJson for all places (geographic records). They complete the JSON exports for author (persons and organizations) and work pages.

Current Version

This site, which has been available online since July 2011, is continuously being developed and undergoes regular updates.

The version currently displayed is Version of, posted online on April 2015.

How to retrieve data from download the dump file as of April 2015.