William Atwood (16..-1705?)

Pays :Grande-Bretagne
Langue :anglais
Naissance :16..
Mort :1705
Note :
Magistrat. - Chief Justice de New York
ISNI :ISNI 0000 0000 6304 0318

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  • The fundamental constitution of the english government. Proving King William and Queen Mary our lawful and rightful King and Queen. In two parts. In the first is shewn, the original contract, with its legal consequences allowed of in former ages. In the second, all the pretences to a conquest of this nation by Will. I. are fully examin'd, and refuted. With a large account of the antiquity of the English laws, tenures, honours, and courts for legislature, and justice. And an explanation of material entries in Dooms-day-book. By W. A. author of the first answer to the late chief justice Herbert on the dispensing power.

    Description matérielle : [6]-XXXIV-[4]-107 [i.e.115]-[1 bl.]-36 ; 19-[1 bl.] ; [2]-4 p. (sig. a-k2, *a2, A-Z2, Aa-Ff2, A-I2, A-E2; [ ]1, A1, B1)
    Description : Note : P.1-36 (sig. A-I2) : Appendix ; à la suite, avec titre propre et pagination séparée ([1-19 (sig. A-E2)]) : "Allegations in behalf of the high and mighty princess the Lady Mary, now queen of Scots, against the opinions and books set forth in the part and favour of the lady Katherine, and the rest of the issues of the French Queen, touching the succession of the crown. Written in the time of Queen Elizabeth." puis également avec titre propre et pagination séparée ([2]-4 p., sig. [ ]1, A1, B1)] : "Reflections on bishop overall's convocation-book, M. DC. VI. concerning the government of God's catholick church ; and of the kingdoms of the whole world."
    Donateur : Susan Dwight Bliss (18..-1966)
    Ancien possesseur : Jeanette Dwight Bliss (18..-1924)

  • Jus Anglorum ab antiquo, or a Confutation (by William Atwood) of an impotent libel (by R. Brady) against the government by king, lords and commons... with a speech according to the answerer's principles made for the parliament at Oxford

    Description matérielle : 3 parties en 1 vol. in-8°
    Édition : London : E. Berry , 1681

  • The Superiority and direct dominion of the imperial crown of England over the crown and Kingdom of Scotland, and the divine right of succession to both crowns inseparable from the civil, asserted in answer to sir Thomas Craig's treatises of homage and succession... detecting several material errors of Sir George Mackensie and other eminent authors... (by William Atwood.)

    Description matérielle : In-8°
    Édition : London : J. Hartley , 1704


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