John Hutchinson (1674-1737)

Pays :Grande-Bretagne
Langue :anglais
Sexe :masculin
Naissance :1674
Mort :28-08-1737
Note :
Naturaliste et théologien
Autre forme du nom :J. H. (1674-1737)
ISNI :ISNI 0000 0000 8150 2168

Ses activités

Auteur du texte3 documents

  • Moses's "principia" : of the invisible parts of matter, of motion, of visible forms and of their dissolution and reformation... - Moses's "principia" part II : of the circulation of the heavens, of the cause of the motion and course of the earth, moon, etc., of the religion, philosophy and emblems of the heatens before Moses writ and of the Jews after, in confirmation of the natural history of the Bible... by J. H. [Hutchinson]

    Description matérielle : 2 parties en 1 vol. in-8°
    Édition : London : J. Bettenham , 1724-1727

  • Moses's "sine principio", represented by names, by words, by types, by emblems, with an introduction, shewing the nature of body and soul, the first state of man, the quality of his crime, his condition after his fall, his state under the second covenant... by J. H. [Hutchinson]

    Description matérielle : In-8° , 4 ff. non ch., CCXCII-228 p.
    Édition : London : W. Bowyer , 1729

  • A New account of the confusion of tongues and of the infinite benefits design'd and accruing thereby to the succeeding races of men. The names and the attributes of the trinity of the gentiles or @ the Elohim of the gentiles, their substance, mechanism, joint powers, actions, effects and the services for their actions reclaimed by Scripture... By J. H. [Hutchinson.]

    Description matérielle : 2 parties en 1 vol. in-8°
    Édition : London : printed by W. Bowyer , 1731


Autre1 document

  • A New account of the confusion of tongues (1731)


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Autre forme du nom

  • J. H. (1674-1737)

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