Jonas Hanway (1712-1786)

Pays :Grande-Bretagne
Langue :anglais
Sexe :masculin
Naissance :Portsmouth, GB, 1712
Mort :05-09-1786
Note :
Commerçant et philanthrope, fondateur en 1756 de la Marine society
ISNI :ISNI 0000 0000 8388 5174

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Auteur du texte12 documents

  • A Candid historical account of the hospital for the reception of exposed and deserted young children... with a proposal for carrying a new design into execution, to which is added a letter from a country gentleman to a governor of the hospital : containing many observations relating to foundlings born, educated, or employed, in the country... [Signé : J. Hanway.]

    Description matérielle : 2 tomes en 1 vol. in-8°
    Description : Note : Le cahier A du tome premier manque
    Édition : London , 1759

  • The Citizen's monitor, shewing the necessity of a salutary police, executed by resolute and judicious magistrates, assisted by the pious labours of zealous clergymen, for the preservation of the lives and properties of the people, and the happy existence of the State, with observations on the late tumults, the merits of the soldiery, and the London volunteer police guard... by Jonas Hanway...

    Description matérielle : In-4° , XXIX-XXXIV-288 p.
    Édition : London : Dodsley , 1780

  • Distributive justice and mercy, shewing that a temporary, real solitary imprisonment of convicts, supported by religious instruction, is essential to their wellbeing... by Jonas Hanway,...

    Description matérielle : In-12, pièces limin., XV-258 p.
    Édition : London : J. Dodsley , 1781

  • Domestic happiness promoted, in a series of discourses from a father to his daughter, on occasion of her going into service, calculated to render servants in general virtuous and happy... written by Jonas Hanway,... A new edition with alterations

    Description matérielle : In-12, XVI-208 p., frontisp. gravé
    Édition : London : J. Sewell , 1795

  • Herrn Jonas Hanway zuverlässige Beschreibung seiner Reisen von London durch Russland und Persien und wieder zurück durch Russland, Deutschland und Holland in den Jahren von 1742 bis 1750... nebst einer unparteyischen Historie des grossen Eroberers Nadir Kuli oder Kuli Chans und aller Staatsveränderungen... welche in diesem Jahrhunderte in Persien vorgefallen sind... Aus dem Englischen übersetzt... - Herrn Jonas Hanway Beschreibung der neuesten Reichsveränderungen in Persien... II. Theil

    Description matérielle : 2 vol. in-4° , frontisp., cartes et pl. gravés
    Édition : Hamburg und Leipzig : bey G. C. Grund und A. H. Holle , 1754


Autre3 documents

  • A candide historical...

  • A candid historical... [...]

  • An historical Account of the British Trade over the Caspian Sea, with the autor's Journal of travels through Russia into Persia by Jonas Hanway

    Description matérielle : 2 vol. in-4 avec cartes et gravures. Frontispice gravé : Blakey, Delin, Ravenet, sculp.
    Édition : London : Osborne , 1762


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Documents à propos de l'auteur Jonas Hanway (1712-1786)

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  • Oeuvre de bienfaisance et société d'éducation fondée en 1756 par Jonas Hanway, fournit des recrues à la Royal Navy

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