John Lilburne (1615?-1657)

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Pays :Grande-Bretagne
Langue :anglais
Sexe :masculin
Naissance :1615
Mort :29-08-1657
Note :
Théoricien du libéralisme classique britannique. - A appartenu au groupe dit "The Levelleurs" (Les Niveleurs)
Autres formes du nom :John Lilburn (1615?-1657)
John Lilbourne (1615?-1657)
John Lylborne (1615?-1657)
ISNI :ISNI 0000 0000 2605 7057

Ses activités

Auteur du texte8 documents

  • Englands birth right justified against all arbitrary usurpation, whether regall or parliamentary, or under what vizor soever... by a well-wisher to the just cause for which... John Lilburne is injustly imprisoned in Newgate

    Description matérielle : In-4° , 49 p.
    Description : Note : Attribué à John Lilburne
    Édition : London , 1645

  • Englands new chains discovered ; or The serious apprehensions of a part of the people in behalf of the Commonwealth ; (being presenters, promoters and approvers of the large petition of September 1. 1648.) Presented to... the representers of the people in Parliament assembled ; by Lieut. col. John Lilburn... February 26. 1648. whereunto his speech delivered at the Bar is annexed

    Description matérielle : Signé A-B4
    Description : Note : Titre de départ. - Lieu d'éd. et date restitués d'après ESTC
    Édition : [London] , [1649]

  • The Hunting of the foxes from New-Market and Triploe-Heaths to Whitehall, by five small beagles (late of the armie), or the grandie-deceivers unmasked... directed to all the free people of England... by Robert Ward, Thomas Watson, Simon Graunt, George Jellis and William Sawyer,...

    Description matérielle : In-4° , 28 p.
    Description : Note : Attribué à John Lilburne. - Le véritable auteur est John Lilburne. - Le véritable auteur est John Lilburne, d'après Halkett et Laing
    Édition : [London] : Printed in a corner of freedome, right opposite to the Council of Warre , 1649

  • An Impeachment of high treason against Oliver Cromwel and his son in law Henry Ireton,... presented to publique view by... John Lilburn, close prisoner in the Tower of London... in which are also some hints of cautions to the lord Fairfax for absolutely breaking his solemn engagement with his souldiers... in which is also the authors late proposition sent to Mr. Holland, June 26 1649, to justifie... his late actions and writings...

    Description matérielle : In-4° , 8-68 p.
    Édition : London , 1649

  • The Legall, fundamentall liberties of the people of England revived, asserted and vindicated, or an Epistle written the eighth day of June 1649 by... John Lilburn (arbitrary... prisoner in the Tower of London) to Mr. William Lenthall, speaker to the remainder of those few knights, citizens and burgesses... who... stile themselves... the Parliament of England... [From the Tower of London, this 8 of June 1649.]

    Description matérielle : In-4° , pièces limin. et 76 p.
    Édition : London , 1649


Auteur présumé du texte1 document

  • Englands Birth-right justified against all arbitrary usurpation, wheter regall or parliamentary... (Octob. 1645)

    Description matérielle : In-4°
    Description : Note : Attribué à John Lilburne
    Édition : (S. l. n. d.)


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  • Documents de cet auteur : The Levellers : Overton, Walwyn and Lilburne / ed. and introduced by James R. Otteson, 2003
    Englands new chains discovered, or the Serious apprehensions of a part of the people in behalf of the Commonwealth, by Lieut. col. John Lilburn, [ca 1648]
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Autres formes du nom

  • John Lilburn (1615?-1657)
  • John Lilbourne (1615?-1657)
  • John Lylborne (1615?-1657)

Biographie Wikipedia

  • John Lilburne (né en 1614, probablement à Sunderland - 29 août 1657), connu aussi sous le nom de Freeborn John était un homme politique niveleur anglais au moment de la Première Révolution anglaise (1642-1650) et un écrivain. Portail de l’Angleterre Portail de l’Angleterre

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