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  • The Defence of Francis, late lord bishop of Rochester, at the bar of the House of Lords, on Thursday the 9th and Saturday the 11th of May 1723, against the bill then depending for inflicting pains and penalties on him. By William Wynne,...

    Description matérielle : In-fol., 41 . et 1 p. de catalogue de l'éditeur
    Édition : London : J. Bowyer , 1723
    Auteur du texte : William Wynne (1692?-1765)

  • The Life of Sir Leoline Jenkins, judge of the high-court of Admiralty and prerogative court of Canterbury, etc., ambassador and plenipotentiary for the general peace at Cologn and Nimeguen, and secretary of State to K. Charles II, and a compleat series of letters from the beginning to the end of those two important treaties, wherein are related the most remarkable transactions of those times, both foreign and domestick, together with many valuable papers and original letters, relating to the rights and privileges of the universities, and other weighty subjects, and the resolution of many difficult and curious points in the common and civil law, laws of merchants and of nations, that arose within the time of his ministry... By William Wynne,...

    Description matérielle : 2 vol. in-fol., portrait au t. I
    Description : Note : Le t. II a une 2e p. de titre qui porte : "A continuation of the letters from the ambassadors and mediators for the general peace at Nimeguen beginning January the 1st, 1676-7"...
    Édition : London : J. Downing , 1724
    Auteur du texte : William Wynne (1692?-1765)

Tout (2 Documents)