Leonard Frank Spath (1882-1957)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 20-10-1882
Death : 02-03-1957
Note :
Géologue et paléonthologue spécialiste des mollusques. - Professeur de géologie, Birbeck college, Londres, GB (dès 1920). - Conservateur au département de géologie, British museum, Londres, GB (1912-1954). - Fellow of the Royal Society (en 1940). - Titulaire de la médaille Lyell (en 1945)
Variant of the name : L. F. Spath
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 6324 7044

Activities of Leonard Frank Spath (1882-1957) (12 resources in data.bnf.fr)

Textual works (10)

Falkland Islands dependencies survey. Scientific reports...
The Ammonoidea of the Trias (II)
A New tithonian ammonoid fauna from Kurdistan, Northern Iraq, by L. F. Spath,...
The Cephalopoda of the necomian belemnite beds of the Salt range, by L. F. Spath,...
A Catalogue of the ammonites of the liassic family liparoceratidae in the British Museum (natural history), by L. F. Spath,... [Preface by W. D. Lang.]
Catalogue of the fossil cephalopoda in the British Museum (natural history). Part IV : the ammonoidea of the trias, by L. F. Spath,... [Preface by W. D. Lang.]
The Jurassic and cretaceous ammonites and belemnites of the Attock district, by L. F. Spath,...
The Eotriassic invertebrate fauna of East Greenland, by L. F. Spath,...
Revision of the jurassic cephalopod fauna of Kachh (Cutch)
On the Blake collection of ammonites from Kachh, India

Mixed works (2)

On bajocian ammonites and belemnites from Eastern Persia (Iran)
The lower cretaceous ammonoidea, with notes on albian cephalopoda from Hazara

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