Burnett Hillman Streeter (1874-1937)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Croydon, GB, 17-11-1874
Death : Suisse, 10-09-1937
Note :
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2123 3055

Activities of Burnett Hillman Streeter (1874-1937) (6 resources in data.bnf.fr)

Textual works (6)

The chained library
The Four Gospels
Polycarp's two epistles to the Philippians with Burnett Hillman Streeter (1874-1937) as Author of introduction, etc.,
The Church and modern psychology..., by Burnett Hillman Streeter,...
Immortality, an essay in discovery co-ordinating scientific, physical, and biblical research. Burnett H. Streeter, A. Clutton-Brock, C. W. Emmet, J. A. Hadfield, the author of "Pro Christo et Ecclesia" [Lily Dougall]...
War, this war and the sermon on the mount, by B. H. Streeter,...

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