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Country : Japon
Language : japonais
Variants of the name : Japan

Activities of Nihon (65)

Éditeur scientifique (9)

Les Politiques urbaines du Japon
Official records
Laws and regulations relating to court proceedings for family affairs and family registration...
Report of the Regional census training centre for Asia and the Far East
Treaty of peace with Japan, signed at San Francisco. September 8, 1951... with related documents
The Welfare pension insurance law
Draft treaty of peace with Japan, with draft declarations by the Government of Japan
A Handbook for travellers in Japan (including Formosa), by Basil Hall Chamberlain,... and W. B. Mason,... With thirty maps and plans and numerous illustrations. 9 th. edition, revised throughout
Tratado de comercio y navegación y protócolo complementario entre el Perú y el Japón, firmados en Washington, el 20 de Marzo de 1895...

Autre (1)

The End of the war in the Pacific. Surrenders documents in fac-simile

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Cycle d'études de 1962 sur la condition de la femme dans le droit de la famille

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