Yoruba (peuple d'Afrique)

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Topic : Yoruba (peuple d'Afrique)
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Ethnonymes
Variant subject headings : Nago (peuple d'Afrique)
Sabe-Opara (peuple d'Afrique)
Sabe (peuple d'Afrique)
Yariba (peuple d'Afrique)
Yooba (peuple d'Afrique)
Yorba (peuple d'Afrique)
Yorouba (peuple d'Afrique)
Yoroubas (peuple d'Afrique)
Yoroumba (peuple d'Afrique)
Yorubas (peuple d'Afrique)

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Un dieu au bord de la route
La dame d'Osogbo

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The Yoruba from prehistory to the present
Masquerading politics
Oduduwa's chain
Arts of being Yorùbá
What gender is motherhood ?
Christianity, Islam and Oriṣa-religion
Yorùbá elites and ethnic politics in Nigeria
Yorùbá elites and ethnic politics in Nigeria
Counting the Tiger's Teeth
Voyage à l'intérieur de la langue et de la culture yorùbá
Yoruba art and language
Weighing the cost of pin-making
Carving wood, making history
"Ijapa tiroko" die Schildkröte und andere Tiere
The Yoruba frontier
Culture et tradition au Bénin
Os Yoruba do Novo Mundo
Yoruba fiction, orature and culture
The oral traditions in Ifl-Ife
Dos yorùbá ao candomblé kétu
Dynasty and divinity
Sàngó in Africa and the African Diaspora
Das Königtum der Owo-Yoruba
Memoria ritual
Yorùbá bàtá goes global
La tradition mise en jeu
Nigerian chiefs
Yorùbá identity and power politics
Yoruba in diaspora
Ẹfúnṣetán Aníwúrà, Ìyálóde Ìbàdàn and Tinúubú, Ìyálóde Ẹ̀gbá
Yoruba creativity
Les Yoruba du nouveau monde
Photographes d'Afrique de l'Ouest
Das Unsichtbare sehen
The Yoruba diaspora in the Atlantic world
Mapping Yoruba networks
Les Yoruba en Afrique de l'Ouest francophone, 1910-1980
War and peace in Yorubaland, 1793-1893
Population and progress in a Yoruba town
The Yorùbá traditional healers of Nigeria
Yoruba warlords of the nineteenth century
Mitologia dos orixás
Osun across the waters
Yoruba hometowns
The hunter thinks the monkey is not wise... The monkey is wise, but he has his own logic
Nigerian chiefs
The generation of plays
Culture, politics & money among the Yoruba
Religious encounter and the making of the Yoruba
Vivre et savoir en Afrique
The good, the bad and the beautiful
Memoirs of Giambattista Scala
The seven signposts of existence
Yoruba gurus
Auf dem Auge Gottes wächst kein Gras
La guérison Yoruba
Das Orakel von Ife
An African niche economy
Hail Orisha !
L'espace africain
An African niche economy
Kulte, Künstler, Könige in Afrika
Africa's Ogun
Knowledge, belief, and witchcraft
Òsun Sèègèsí
Ifa - African gods speak
The Gẹ̀lẹ̀dé spectacle
The development of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit in the Yoruba (African) indigenous Christian movement
Santería aesthetics in contemporary Latin American art
The Gèlèdé spectacle
African drama and the Yoruba world-view
The vital force
The Yoruba collection of William and Berta Bascom
Sex and the empire that is no more
Opolopo owó
The frontier state of Western Yorubaland, circa 1600-1889
The handbook of Yoruba religious concepts
O̩na iwa si ara lile N°4
Sons of sticks
Iwe awiye lori e̩ko̩ katekismu
Iwe adura gbogbo-ns̩e
Awo̩n ofin ilera
Awo̩n as̩a ati oris̩a ile̩ Yoruba
Dance as ritual drama and entertainment in the Gèlèdé of the Kétu-Yorùbá subgroup in West Africa
Science that colonizes
Strangers and traders
A short history of O̩ba O̩wa of Ije̩sha-Land, and O̩ni of Ife̩
Yoruba ritual
Black critics & kings
A critical study of Bini and Yoruba value systems of Nigeria in change
Yoruba pottery
Nom, famille et lignage chez les Ṣàbẹ́, République du Bénin
An analysis and comparison of the legends of origin of Akure
Born to rule
African philosophy
Ceremonias fúnebres de la Santería afrocubana
Das Exil der Götter
Yoruba culture and civilization
The Yoruba of South-Western Nigeria
A mitologia dos orixás africanos
Africa's Ogun
The adventures of Obatala
Yoruba drama in English
Archetypes, imprecators, and victims of fate
Kingdoms of the Yoruba
The Signifying monkey
Aché, presencia africana
The Good things in life
Wole Soyinka and modern tragedy
Hegemony and culture
Fathers work for their sons
Marrying well
The political economy of a pre-colonial African State
Chief S.Ladoke Akintola, his life and times
The Yoruba popular travelling theatre of Nigeria
Yoruba legends
A thousands [sic] year's [sic] of Ado-history-and-culture
Os Nàgô e a morte
Ijeshas and Nigerians
A Writer and his gods
O Duplo e a metamorfose
Funeral dirges of Yoruba hunters
The cult of Ifá among the Yoruba Volume 1
Violence and politics in Nigeria :
Ifa, das Wort der Götter
Les activités culturelles des Yorouba au Nigéria
Il Banchetto sacro
Kolonialismus, Bewusstsein und Literatur in Afrika
Yoruba religion and medicine in Ibadan
The Yoruba today
An introduction to Yoruba history
Yoruba myths
The Entrepreneur as culture hero
Yoruba beliefs and sacrificial rites
L'art et la culture à travers quelques aspects traditionnels du Nigéria
Atlantis Band IX-X
The Growth of Islam among the Yoruba, 1841-1908
La Religión de los Orichas
Ifa divination poetry
Sixteen great poems of Ifá
Cocoa, custom, and socio-economic change in rural western Nigeria
The new Oyo empire
Travels and explorations in Yorubaland
The Political development of Yoruba Kingdoms in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
Yoruba warfare in the nineteenth century by
The Sociology of the Yoruba
The Planting of Christianity in Yorubaland, 1842-1888
The Yoruba-speaking peoples of the Slave Coast of West Africa
Idoani past and present
The Yoruba-speaking peoples of South-Western Nigeria
Yoruba palaces
Iṣẹdalẹ Yoruba
Ethnographic survey of Africa [1]
The sociological role of the Yoruba cult-group
Nigerian studies or the religious and political system of the Yoruba
Nigerian studies

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