Ann Jefferson

Pays :Grande-Bretagne
Langue :anglais
Sexe :féminin
Note :
Professeur de littérature française à l'Université d'Oxford, GB (en 2015)
ISNI :ISNI 0000 0001 0924 2012

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Auteur du texte7 documents

  • Le défi biographique

    la littérature en question

    Description matérielle : 1 vol. (408 p.)
    Description : Note : Index
    Édition : Paris : Presses universitaires de France , impr. 2012
    Autre auteur du texte : Cécile Dudouyt

    disponible en Haut de Jardin

  • Biography and the question of literature in France

    Description matérielle : 1 vol. (XII-425 p.)
    Description : Note : Bibliogr. p. 391-417. - Index p. 419-425
    Édition : Oxford : Oxford university press , 2007

  • Genius in France

    an idea and its uses

    Description matérielle : xii, 273 pages
    Description : Note : Includes bibliographical references (pages 251-265) and index
    Abstract : "This engaging book spans three centuries to provide the first full account of the long and diverse history of genius in France. Exploring a wide range of examples from literature, philosophy, and history, as well as medicine, psychology, and journalism, Ann Jefferson examines the ways in which the idea of genius has been ceaselessly reflected on and redefined through its uses in these different contexts. She traces its varying fortunes through the madness and imposture with which genius is often associated, and through the observations of those who determine its presence in others. Jefferson considers the modern beginnings of genius in eighteenth-century aesthetics and the works of philosophes such as Diderot. She then investigates the nineteenth-century notion of national and collective genius, the self-appointed role of Romantic poets as misunderstood geniuses, the recurrent obsession with failed genius in the realist novels of writers like Balzac and Zola, the contested category of female genius, and the medical literature that viewed genius as a form of pathology. She shows how twentieth-century views of genius narrowed through its association with IQ and child prodigies, and she discusses the different ways major theorists -- including Sartre, Barthes, Derrida, and Kristeva -- have repudiated and subsequently revived the concept. Rich in narrative detail, Genius in France brings a fresh approach to French intellectual and cultural history, and to the burgeoning field of genius studies."--Jacket
    Édition : Princeton ; Oxford : Princeton University Press , ©2015

  • Nathalie Sarraute, fiction and theory

    questions of difference

    Description matérielle : XIII-214 p.
    Description : Note : Bibliogr. p. 201-210. Index
    Édition : Cambridge : Cambridge university press , cop. 2000

  • The Nouveau roman and the poetics of fiction

    Description matérielle : IX-218 p.
    Description : Note : Bibliogr. p. 210-216. Index
    Édition : Cambridge ; London ; New York, [etc.] : Cambridge university press , 1980


Auteur de lettres2 documents

  • Jefferson, Ann.

    Cote : NAF 28088 (190)
    Contenu dans les archives et manuscrits : Fonds Nathalie Sarraute. Correspondance. Lettres reçues - Correspondance générale. Imbert - Kruse

    [catalogue BnF archives et manuscrits][ark:/12148/cc128643/ca19906627]
  • Jefferson, Ann.

    Cote : NAF 28088 (205)
    Contenu dans les archives et manuscrits : Fonds Nathalie Sarraute. Correspondance. Lettres reçues par Nathalie Sarraute à l'occasion de la publication de ses oeuvres ou de la mise en scène de ses pièces de théâtre. Tu ne t'aimes pas - Grand prix de la SACD. Lettres reçues à l'occasion de la publication d'Ici.

    [catalogue BnF archives et manuscrits][ark:/12148/cc128643/ca59800141878932]

Éditeur scientifique1 document

  • Modern literary theory

    a comparative introduction

    Description matérielle : 240 p.
    Description : Note : Bibliogr. p. 222-234. Index
    Édition : London : B.T. Batsford , 1987
    Éditeur scientifique : David Robey


Autre1 document

  • Jefferson, Ann

    Cote : NAF 28916
    Contenu dans les archives et manuscrits : Gérard Macé. Oeuvres et correspondance. Lettres reçues

    [catalogue BnF archives et manuscrits][ark:/12148/cc1030852/ca59756597077620]

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  • Reading realism in Stendhal / A. Jefferson, 1988
    Le défi biographique / Ann Jefferson, impr. 2012
    Genius in France / Ann Jefferson, 2015
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