Ram Sharan Sharma

Country : Inde
Language : hindi
Note :
Écrit aussi en anglais
Historien. - En poste dans les universités de Delhi (1973-1978) et Patna, au Bihar, Inde (1959). - Président : Indian council of historical research, New Delhi (en 1974)
Variants of the name : Rāmaśaraṇa Śarmā (hindi)
रामशरण शर्मा (hindi)
Ram Sharan Sharma
Rāma Śaraṇa Śarmā
Rāmaśaraṇa Śarmā
Ramsaran Sharma
Rāma Śaraṇa Śarmā
Ramsaran Sharma
R. S Sharma
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2101 2041

Activities of Ram Sharan Sharma (16 resources in data.bnf.fr)

Textual works (13)

Aspects of political ideas and institutions in ancient India
Perspectives in social and economic history of early India
Early medieval Indian society
From gopati to bhūpati... Changing position of the king
Taxation and state-formation in Northern India in pre-Maurya times
Early medieval society in Bihar. (C. A. D. 600-1200)
Indian society with Ram Sharan Sharma as Éditeur scientifique
Material milieu of the birth of Buddhism
An approach to astrology and divination in mediaeval India
Satavahana polity
Historiography of the ancient Indian social order
Land grants to vassals and officials in Northern India (ca. A. D. 1000-1200)
Sūdras in ancient India

Mixed works (3)

Bhārata ke prācīna nagaroṃ kā patana
A comprehensive history of India Volume Four with Ram Sharan Sharma as Éditeur scientifique
Urban decay in India, c. 300-c. 1000

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