Mark L. Latash

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Physiologiste. - En poste au Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's medical center, Chicago, Illinois, USA (en 1993)
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  • Bases neurophysiologiques du mouvement

    Description matérielle : 295 p.
    Description : Note : Notes bibliogr. Glossaire. Index
    Édition : Paris ; [Bruxelles] : De Boeck université , cop. 2002
    Traducteur : Arlette Delamarche, Paul Delamarche

  • Biomechanics and motor control

    defining central concepts

    Description matérielle : 1 ressource dématérialisée
    Description : Note : Includes bibliographical references and index
    Abstract : Biomechanics and Motor Control: Defining Central Concepts' provides a thorough update to the rapidly evolving fields of biomechanics of human motion and motor control with research published in biology, psychology, physics, medicine, physical therapy, robotics, and engineering consistently breaking new ground. This book clarifies the meaning of the most frequently used terms, and consists of four parts, with part one covering biomechanical concepts, including joint torques, stiffness and stiffness-like measures, viscosity, damping and impedance, and mechanical work and energy. Other sections deal with neurophysiological concepts used in motor control, such as muscle tone, reflex, pre-programmed reactions, efferent copy, and central pattern generator, and central motor control concepts, including redundancy and abundance, synergy, equilibrium-point hypothesis, and motor program, and posture and prehension from the field of motor behavior. The book is organized to cover smaller concepts within the context of larger concepts. For example, internal models are covered in the chapter on motor programs
    Édition : London, UK ; San Diego, CA, USA : Elsevier/AP, Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier , [2016]
    Autre auteur du texte : Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky

  • Control of human movement

    Description matérielle : XI-380 p.
    Description : Note : Bibliogr. p. 319-369. Index
    Édition : Chicago : Human kinetics publ. , cop. 1993

  • Fundamentals of motor control

    1st ed.
    Description matérielle : 1 ressource dématérialisée
    Description : Note : Includes bibliographical references and index
    Abstract : Motor control is a relatively young field of research exploring how the nervous system produces purposeful, coordinated movements in its interaction with the body and the environment through conscious and unsconscious thought. Many books purporting to cover motor control have veered off course to examine biomechanics and physiology rather than actual control, leaving a gap in the literature. This book covers all the major perspectives in motor control, with a balanced approach. There are chapters explicitly dedicated to control theory, to dynamical systems, to biomechanics, to different behaviors, and to motor learning, including case studies
    Édition : Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier/Academic Press , 2012

  • Neurophysiological basis of movement

    2nd ed.
    Description matérielle : 1 vol. (XI-427 p.)
    Description : Note : Bibliogr. p. 395-418
    Édition : Champaign : Human Kinetics , cop. 2008


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  • Progress in motor control

    theories and translations

    Description matérielle : 1 ressource dématérialisée
    Description : Note : "Most of the chapters in this volume were written by speakers who attended the conference Progress in Motor Control X in Budapest, held during July 22--25, 2015"--Preface
    Includes bibliographical references
    Édition : Cham, Switzerland : Springer , cop. 2016


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