Union européenne. Direction générale Energie (19..-1999)

Country : intergouvernemental
Creation : 19..
org_stop_date : 1999
Address : Rue de la loi 200, B-1049 Bruxelles. Tél. (32-2) 299 11 111. Télex 21877 COMEU.
Variants of the name : Union européenne. Direction générale 17
Union européenne. Direction générale XVII
Union européenne. Directorate-general for energy (19..-1999) (anglais)

Activities of Union européenne. Direction générale Energie (19..-1999) (49 resources in data.bnf.fr)

Mixed works (39)

Proceedings of the EU seminar
New city vehicles using methane as a fuel
Successful energy demonstration projects involving SMEs
Wind energy, the facts
New solutions in energy supply
Metropolis 2000 with Union européenne. Direction générale Energie (19..-1999) as Éditeur scientifique
An assessment of the possibilities for transfer of European biomass gasification technology to China
Universal technical standard for solar home systems
Financing equipment linked to energy
Transfer of successful Thermie technologies to SMEs
Blue book on geothermal resources
Un choix plus large
Urban technologies
Thermie international co-operation
Photovoltaic solar energy
Export markets for European renewable energy technologies
Market prospects for multiphase technology
Building the city of tomorrow
Less is more
Synopsis of Thermie actions 1995-96
Energy saving in the brick and tile industry
Solar collectors and their fields of application
Small-scale cogeneration in non-residential buildings
Review of energy efficient technologies in the refrigeration systems of the agrofood industry
Energy-efficient industrial natural gas technologies and equipment
Rational use of energy, RUE, in industry and the energy industry
Oil and gas process technology
Drying in the paper industry
Renewable energy sources
Guaranteed results of collective thermal solar installations
The OPET network success stories
Energy technology
Trans-European energy networks
Photovoltaics in 2010...
Energy management technologies
Trans-European energy networks

Textual works (9)

Norme technique universelle pour les systèmes solaires domestiques with Union européenne. Direction générale Energie (19..-1999) as Éditeur scientifique
Thermie with Union européenne. Direction générale Energie (19..-1999) as Éditeur scientifique
A European network to coordinate information exchange between national biomass energy programmes on agricultural and forestry biomass
Programme indicatif nucléaire, PINC
AFB II and bioguide
Nuclear energy in Europa and world wide
Submission papers on the Commission document "The nuclear industries in the European Union"
Energy in Europe

Undefined (1)

Economic foundations for energy policy with Union européenne. Direction générale Energie (19..-1999) as Auteur du texte

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