Stephen Thomas Newmyer

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  • Animals in Greek and Roman thought

    a sourcebook

    Description matérielle : 1 vol. (XVIII-130 p.)
    Description : Note : Bibliogr. p. 121-125
    Édition : London : Routledge , 2011

    disponible en Haut de Jardin

  • The animal and the human in ancient thought

    the "man alone of animals" concept

    Description matérielle : 1 vol. (XI-156 p.)
    Description : Note : Includes bibliographical references and index
    Abstract : "This is the first book-length study of the "man alone of animals" topos in classical literature, not restricting its analysis to Greco-Roman claims of man's intellectual uniqueness, but including classical assertions of man's physiological and emotional uniqueness. It supplements this analysis of ancient manifestations with an examination of how the commonplace survives and has been restated, transformed, and extended in contemporary ethological literature and in the literature of the animal rights and animal welfare movements. Author Stephen T. Newmyer demonstrates that the anthropocentrism detected in Greek applications of the "man alone of animals" topos is not only alive and well in many facets of the current debate on human-animal relations, but that combating its negative effects is a stated aim of some modern philosophers and activists."
    Édition : New York : Routledge , 2017

  • The «Silvae» of Statius

    structure and theme

    Description matérielle : 135 p.
    Description : Note : Bibliogr. p. 134-135. Index
    Édition : Lugduni batavorum [i.e. Leyden] : E.J. Brill , 1979


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