Anantarao Parashurampant Karmarkar

Country : Inde
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Note :
Spécialiste de la littérature sanscrite
Variant of the name : Anantrao Parashurampant Karmarkar
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 3390 383X

Activities of Anantarao Parashurampant Karmarkar (15 resources in

Textual works (15)

Brahma-Nirvāṇa in the Bhagavadgītā
Bhagavadgītā XVI. 8
The Aśvamedha : its original signification
A Cultural history of Karnataka, ancient and medieval, by A. P. Karmarkar,...
Purāṇic sources of the Vibhūtiyoga in the Gītā (X)
Human sacrifice in proto-India
Original inhabitants of India : the black and the white races
The Fish in Indian folklore and the age of the Atharvaveda
The Aryo-Dravidian character of the Mohenjo Daro inscriptions
Some nude gods in Hindu pantheon. (Their proto-Indian origin and development.)
Vasiṣṭha's remorse over the death of his son. (New light on R̥gvedic Hymn VII, 86.)
The Matsyāvatāra of Viṣṇu (its proto-Indian origin and location.)
Fresh and further light on the Mohenjo-Daro riddle
Dr. V. S. Sukthankar's theory of the Bhr̥guisation of the original Bhārata and the light it throws onthe Dravidian problem
Comparison of the Bhāṣyas of Śaṅkara, Rāmānuja, Keśavakāśmīrin and Vallabha on some crucial sūtras

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