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Éd. : 1687

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    Sum up all the delights. - [37]

    Description matérielle : 1 partition (XV-66 p.) : 29 cm
    Description : Note : Réunit : "A health to the nut-brown lass" ; "An ape, a lion, a fox and an ass" ; "As Roger last night" ; "Call for the reck'ning" ; "Come, come let us drink" ; "Come my hearts" ; "Down, down with Bacchus" ; "Drink on till night be spent" ; "Full bags, a brisk bottle" ; "God save our sov'reign Charles" ; "Great Apollo and Bacchus" ; "Here's a health, a health" ; "Here's that will challenge" ; "He that drinks is immortal" ; "If all be true that I do think" ; "I gave her cakes" ; "Is Charleroy's siege come too ?" ; "Let the grave folks go preach" ; "Let us drink to the blades" ; "My lady's coachman, John" ; "Now England's great council's" ; "Now, now we are met" ; "Of all the instruments that are" ; "Once in our lives" ; "Once , twice, thrice, I Julia tried" ; "One industrious insect" ; "Pale faces, stand by" ; "Pox on you for a fop" ; "Prithee, ben't so sad and serious" ; "Room for th'express" ; "Since the Duke is return'd" ; "Since time so kind to us does prove" ; "Since women so false" ; "Sir Walter enjoying his damsel one night" ; "Soldier, soldier take off thy wine" ; "Sum up all the delights" ; "The Macedon youth" ; "The miller's daughter riding to the fair" ; "The surrender of Lim'rick" ; "'Tis easy to force" ; "'Tis too late for a coach" ; "'Tis women makes us love" ; "To all lovers of music" ; "To thee, to thee, and to a maid" ; "True Englishmen drink" ; "Under a green elm" ; "Under this stone lies Gabriel John" ; "When V and I together meet" ; "Who comes there ? Stand !" ; "Wine in a morning" ; "Would you know how we meet" ; "Young Colin cleaving" ; "Young John the gard'ner" ; "At the close of the ev'ning" ; "Bring the bowl and cool Nantz" ; "Jack, thou'rt a toper" ; "My wife has a tongue" ; "Fie, nay, prithee John" ; "Let's live good honest lives" ; "Tom, making a Manteau". - Introduction et apparat critique
    Édition : London : Novello , 2000
    Compositeur : Henry Purcell (1659-1695)


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