Let Hector, Achilles, and each brave commander . Z 501
duo vocal

Langue :anglais
Date :1689

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  • Contenu dans : Duets, dialogues and trios

    Let Hector, Achilles, and each brave commander. - [16]

    Description matérielle : 1 partition (XX-228 p.) : 29 cm
    Description : Note : Réunit : "A grasshopper and a fly" ; "Above the tumults of a busy state" ; "Alas, how barbarous are we" ; "Come, dear companions of th'Arcadian fields" ; "Come lay by all care" ; "Dulcibella, whene'er I sue for a kiss" ; "Fair Cloe my breast so alarms" ; "Fill the bowl with rosy wine" ; "Go tell Aminta, gentle swain" ; "Here's to thee, Dick" ; "How sweet is the air and refreshing" ; "In some kind dream" ; "I saw fair Chloris all alone" ; "I spy Celia, Celia eyes me" ; "Julia, your unjust disdain" ; "Let Hector, Achilles, and each brave commander" ; "Lost is my quiet forever" ; "Nestor, who did to thrice man's age attain" ; "O dive custos" ; "Oft am I by the women told" ; "Saccharissa's grown old, and almost past sport" ; "Sylvia, thou brighter eye of night" ; "Though my mistress be fair" ; "Underneath this myrtle shade" ; "Were I to choose the greatest bliss" ; "When gay Philander left the plain" ; "When, lovely Phyllis, thou art kind" ; "When Myra sings" ; "When Teucer from his father fled" ; "While bolts and bars my days control" ; "Has yet your breast no pity learn'd ?" ; "Haste, haste gentle Charon" ; "Hence, fond deceiver, hence begone !" ; "Sit down, my dear Sylvia" ; "While you for me alone had charms" ; "Why, my Daphne, why complaining" ; "'Tis wine was made to rule the day" ; "When the cock begins to crow" ; "A poor blind woman" ; "In all our Cynthia's shining sphere" ; "To this place we're now come" ; "What can we poor females do ?". - Apparat critique
    Édition : London : Novello , cop. 2007
    Compositeur : Henry Purcell (1659-1695)

  • Contenu dans : Orpheus Britannicus. A collection of all the choicest songs for one, two and three voices, compos'd by Mr Henry Purcell. Together with such symphonies for violins or flutes as were by him design'd for any of them and a through-bass to each song figur'd for the organ, harpsichord or theorbo-lute. The Second edition with large additions and placed in their several keys according to the order of the gamut. The first Book

    Let Hector, Achilles and each brave commander. - [50]

    Description matérielle : 1 fol. limin., VIII-286 [288] p. in-fol., init. ornées
    Description : Note : Titre impr. r. et n.. - Au début, catal. de l'édit. - Airs à 1 v. et b. c. Sauf indication contraire. - Le v° du fol. limin. blanc. - Les p. 189, 190 2 fois
    Édition : London : printed by William Pearson and sold by John Young , 1706
    Compositeur : Henry Purcell (1659-1695)


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