Conseil international des grands réseaux électriques. Comité d'études B4

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Domaine d'activité : HVDC and power electronics
Variant of the name : SC B4

Activities of Conseil international des grands réseaux électriques. Comité d'études B4 (22 resources in

Textual works (22)

Designing HVDC grids for optimal reliability and availability performance
General guidelines for HVDC electrode design
Testing and commissioning of VSC HVDC systems
Connection of wind farms to weak AC networks
Guidelines for life extension of existing HVDC systems
Guidelines for the preparation of connection agreements or grid codes for multi-terminal DC schemes and DC grids
Study of converter transients imposed on the HVDC converter transformers
HVDC connection of offshore wind power plants
Protocol for reporting the operational performance of HVDC transmission system
Guide for the development of models for HVDC converters in a HVDC grid
Special aspects of AC filter design for HVDC systems
Performance evaluation and applications review of existing Thyristor control series capacitor devices-TCSC
Modelling and simulation studies to be performed during the lifecycle of HVDC systems
HVDC grid feasibility study
Voltage source converter (VSC) HDVC for power transmission
HVDC environmental planning guidelines
Components testing of VSC system for HVDC applications
Technological assessment of 800 Kv HVDC applications
Static synchronous series compensator, SSSC
Integration of large scale wind generation using HVDC and power electronics
Systems with multiple DC infeed
Capacitor commutated converters, CCC, HVDC interconnections

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