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  • A collection of canadian plays

    Description matérielle : 5 vol.
    Description : Note : Le volume 1 contient : "Counsellor extraordinary", Stewart Boston; "Wu-feng", Munroe Scott; "Love Mouse", "Meyer's Room", Sheldon Rosen; "Colour the Flesh the Colour of Dust", Michael Cook; "Exit Muttering", Donald Jack.. - Le volume 2 contient : "Wedding in White", William Fruet; "Some Are So Lucky", "The Magnet", "A Trip for Mrs. Taylor", Hugh Garner; "The Devil's Instrument", W.O. Mitchell; "The Pile", "The Store", "Inside Out", Mavor Moore; "Westbound 12:01", Brock Shoveller.. - Le volume 3 contient : "Marsh Hay", Merrill Denison, "The Unreasonable Act of Julian Waterman", Ron Taylor; "The Twisted Loaf", "Soft Voices", Aviva Ravel; "Vicky", Grahame Woods; "The Vice President", Joseph Schull.. - Le volume 4 contient : "Land Of Magic Spell", Larry Zacharko; "Wich Witch Is Wich ?", Beth McMaster; "The Clam Made A Face", Eric Nicol; "Nuts & Bolts & Rusty Things", Fred Thury, Robert Galbraith; "King Grumbletum & The Magic Pie", David Kemp; "Professor Fuddle's Fantastic Fairy-Tale Machine", Alan Egerton Ball, Paul Bradbury; "Cyclone Jack", Carol Bolt; "Billy Bishop & The Red Baron", Leonard Peterson; "Masque", Ron Cameron; "Catalyst", John Ibbitson.. - Le volume 5 contient : "Four to Four", Michel Garneau; "Greta, the Divine", Renald Tremblay; "Waiting for Gaudreault", André Simard; "A Little Bit Left", Serge Mercier; "Dodo", Serge Sirois; "Looking for a Job", Claude Roussin; "Are You Afraid of Thieves", Louis-Dominique Lavigne.
    Édition : Toronto : Bastet Books , 1972


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