Shaul Yanai

Pays :Israël
Langue :anglais, hébreu
Sexe :masculin
Note :
Historien. - Spécialiste de l'histoire du Moyen-Orient. - Professeur, Department of multidisciplinary studies - ESHKOL, Faculty of humanities, University of Haifa, Israël (en 2015). - Professeur, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (en 2015)
Autres formes du nom :Šaʾwl Yanaʾy (hébreu)
שאול ינאי (hébreu)
ISNI :ISNI 0000 0000 6936 4460

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  • The political transformation of Gulf tribal States

    elitism and the social contract in Kuwait, Bahrain and Dubai, 1918-1970s

    Description matérielle : 1 vol. (VII-335 p.)
    Description : Note : Includes bibliographical references (pages 305-312) and index
    Abstract : "The reform movements and attempts to establish parliamentary institutions in the Persian Gulf states of Kuwait, Bahrain and Dubai between the First World War and the independent era of the 1970s were not inspired by western example or by any tradition of civil representation. The move to a parliamentary system not only represented a milestone in the history of the region, creating a legacy for future generations, but was a unique transition in the Arab world. The transformation of these states from loose chiefdoms of minimal coherence and centralization, into centralizing and institutionalized monarchies, involved the setting up of primary institutions of government, the demarcation of borders, and establishment of a monarchical order. As this new political and social order evolved, ideas of national struggle and national rights penetrated Gulf societies. Gulf citizens who had spent time in Arab states, mostly in Egypt and Iraq, took part in the genesis of a public Arab-Gulf national discourse, enabling the Gulf population to become acquainted with national struggles for independence. As a result merchants of notable families, newly educated elements, and even workers, began to oppose the dominance of the rulers. Both the rulers and the commercial elites (including members of the ruling families) tried to formulate a new and different social contract with the rulers seeking to entrench their political power by using new administrative means and financial power"--Provided by publisher
    Édition : Brighton (GB) : Sussex Academic Press , cop. 2015


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  • Documents de cet auteur : The political transformation of Gulf tribal States [Texte imprimé] : elitism and the social contract in Kuwait, Bahrain and Dubai, 1918-1970s / Shaul Yanai. - Brighton (GB) : Sussex Academic Press, cop. 2015.
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Autres formes du nom

  • Šaʾwl Yanaʾy (hébreu)
  • שאול ינאי (hébreu)

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