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  • A study of the Buddhist sūtra called "Säkiz yükmäk yaruq" or "Säkiz törlügin yarumïš yaltrïmïs"̌ in Old Turkic

    Description matérielle : 319 pages
    Description : Note : Includes bibliographical references (pages 12-22)
    Abstract : This is a study of a scripture translated into Old Turkic from the apocryphal Chinese Bayangjing and preserved in the Berlin Turfan Collection. The study contains the reconstruction of the Old Turkic text and a comparison of the reconstructed text with the extant original Chinese text, as well as the Tibetan and Mongolian translations. Judging from the quantitative and linguistic abundance of extant Turkic fragments and their rich content, there can be little doubt that this scripture circulated widely and over a long period of time among Uighur Buddhists from the 10th century onwards. In a collection of Buddhist essays (in China dating from 1155), there are some three thousand copies of the fabricated Bayangjing. This was probably a reference to the popularity of scriptures such as the fabricated (i.e. apocryphal) Bayangjing which was not included in the official canon because it did not go back to an Indian original but was composed in China. Despite its apocryphal nature, it should also be noted that the Bayangjing includes scathing criticism of the yin-yang theory and undue concern for good and bad fortune. Furthermore, according to a review, it may be a Buddhist gospel of liberation from taboos and divination
    Édition : Turnhout : Brepols , cop. 2015


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