Fondation européenne de la science

Gründung : 18-11-1974
Website :
Adresse : 1 quai Lezay-Marnésia, 67000, Strasbourg.
Sachgruppe : Savoir et érudition. Musées
Andere Namen : ESF
Europäische Wissenschaftsstiftung (allemand)
European science foundation (anglais)
Fondation européenne de la science. Strasbourg

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Architectures of festival in early modern Europe
Le langage mental du Moyen âge à l'âge classique
The contested nation
Musical life in Europe 1600-1900
Outside in
Paroles d'islam
The scientific-strategic case for a next-generation European spallation neutron source for science and research (ESS project)
Medical Latin from the late Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century
Resistance, representation and community
L'histoire et les nouveaux publics dans l'Europe médiévale, XIIIe-XVe siècles
Writing development
Human B cell populations
Europe on the move
Mediterranean forecasting
European tourism
Visions sur le développement des États européens
Oscillations of the alpine and polar tree limits in the Holocene
Responses of forest ecosystems to environmental changes
Biological risk factors for psychosocial disorders
Unfamiliar territory
Rise and fall of a priority field
The Southern segment
European synchrotron radiation facility
ESF project, "European palaeoclimate and man"
Writing the nation

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Projet Tao-tsang
Index du Yunji Qiqian
Projet Tao-tsang

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Synthetic biology in Europe
Proceedings of the US-Europe workshop on sensors and smart structures technology

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Bioactive egg compounds

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European science in global context
At the heart of European science for 25 years
Annual report 95
Beyond framework Programme IV
The Ocean Drilling Program and the ESF consortium for ocean drilling
Scientific networks
Annual report 1992
Rapport annuel 1992
Rapport annuel 1991
Annual report
Rapport annuel
Five year report
Annual report 1988
Rapport annuel 1988
Rapport annuel 1987
Rapport annuel 1986
Rapport annuel 1985
Five year report of the Committee of the European science research councils 1981-85
Rapport annuel 1983
Rapport annuel 1982
Annual report 1982
Rapport annuel
Annual report

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