Columbia university. New York, N.Y.

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Land : États-Unis
Sprache : anglais
Gründung : 1754
Geschäftsbetrieb : Éditeur
Website :
Adresse : Morningside Heights, 10027, New York, NY.
Anmerkung :
Fondée en 1754 sous le nom de Kings'college ; devient en 1784 Columbia college ; depuis 1897 Columbia university. - Distinguer le Columbia college existant entre 1784 et 1897 (ou 1912 selon les ouvrages de référence) et le Columbia college actuel dépendant de l'université. - L'université est constituée principalement de deux écoles : Columbia college et School of engineering and applied sciences, mais pas seulement
Sachgruppe : Savoir et érudition. Musées
Andere Namen : Columbia university
Columbia university. New York, USA
Université de Columbia. New York, N.Y.

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Revisiter la "Querelle des femmes"
Revisiter la "Querelle des femmes"
Intolérance & indignation
John Berryman
Sun Yat-sen
Aid to Russia 1941-1946
The Necessary majority, Middle America and the urban crisis
The Czechs under Nazi rule
Rebels against war
Homenaje a Federico de Onís (1885-1966)
The United States and Eastern Europe
Approaches to the Oriental classics
Columbia essays on modern writers
The George B. Pegram lectures
Columbia university. Studies in international organization
Britain's postwar dollar problem
The Idea of revelation in recent thought, by John Baillie
The Major features of evolution
Technical services in libraries, acquisitions, cataloging, classification, binding, photographic reproduction and circulation operations, by Maurice F. Tauber...
The Metropolis in modern life. Edited by Robert Moore Fisher. [Preface by Ernest M. Fisher.]
National policies for education, health and social services. Edited by James E. Russell
The Sculpture of the Hellenistic age, by Margarete Bieber
Middleton's tragedies, a critical study, by Samuel Schoenbaum
Ancilla to classical reading. Moses Hadas
Apokrimata, decisions of Septimius Severus on legal matters. Text, translation and historical analysis, by William Linn Westermann. Legal commentary, by A. Arthur Schiller
Relation of the State to industrial action and economics and jurisprudence, two essays by Henry Carter Adams. Edited... by Joseph Dorfman
The Question of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Translated... by Peter Gay,...
Planter management and capitalism in ante-bellum Georgia, the journal of Hugh Fraser Grant, ricegrower. Edited... by Albert Virgil House
The Language of taxonomy, an application of symbolic logic to the study of classificatory systems, by John R. Gregg,... [Preface by Jacques Barzun]
A Study of Countee Cullen with emphasis on his poetical works...
Pour le deuxième centenaire de l'Université Columbia. Discours
The Art of sinking in poetry. Martinus Scriblerus @ , a critical edition by Edna Leake Steeves, with bibliographical notes on "The last volume" of the Swift-Pope Miscellanies, by R. H. Griffith and E. L. Steeves
Historians and their craft, a study of the presidential addresses of the American historical association, 1884-1945, by Herman Ausubel,... [A dissertation.]
The Critical theology of Theodore Parker. John Edward Dirks... [A dissertation.]
A Study of the Summa philosophiae of the Pseudo-Grosseteste, by Charles King McKeon... [A dissertation.]
The Lyric cycle in German literature, by Helen Meredith Mustard... [A dissertation.]
Seasonal farm labor in the United States, with special reference to hired workers in fruit and vegetable and sugar-beet production, by Harry Schwartz
Portrait of New Netherland. Ellis Lawrence Raesly... [A dissertation.]
Seaman A. Knapp, schoolmaster of American agriculture, by Joseph Cannon Bailey... [A Dissertation.]
Cultural and racial variations in patterns of intellect, performance of negro and white criminals on the Bellevue adult intelligence scale, by Solomon Machover... [A dissertation.]
English domestic or homiletic tragedy, 1575 to 1642, being an account of the development of the tragedy of the common man... by Henry Hitch Adams... [A dissertation.]
Winckelmann and his German critics, 1755-1781, a prelude to the classical age by Henry Caraway Hatfield... [A dissertation.]
The Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson, by Adrienne Koch... [A dissertation.]
Current conceptions of democracy, by John Replogle Beery. [A dissertation.]
The Art of dying well, the development of the Ars moriendi, by Sister Mary Catharine O'Connor... [A dissertation.]
Democratic-republicain societies, 1790-1800... [A dissertation.]
George Whetstone, Mid-Elizabethan gentleman of letters, by Thomas C. Izard... [A dissertation.]
The Phonetics of Great Smoky Mountain speech. Joseph Sargent Hall... [A dissertation.]
Columbia University. Studies in library service
Some European architectural libraries, their methods, equipment and administration, by Talbot Hamlin...
works on bookbinding
Columbia University oriental studies
The Public library inquiry reports
Columbia university germanic studies. New series
Columbia university germanic studies
Columbia university contributions to anthropology. Vol...
Columbia University contributions to anthropology
Columbia studies in archaeology and ethnology
Columbia studies in American culture
Some European architectural libraries
Columbia Slavic studies
Studies in Library service
Columbia geomorphic studies
Columbia biological series
Columbia bicentennial editions and studies
Bicentennial conference series
The Anglo-Saxon poetic records, a collective edition
American speech, reprints and monographs
Woobridge lectures delivered at Columbia University
Columbia University studies in the history of American agriculture
Hewitt lectures
Columbia university studies in musicology
Columbia University studies in comparative linguistics

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The History of printing from its beginnings to 1930
Columbia studies in the classical tradition
Profils démographiques 1975, I
Profils démographiques 1974, III
Profils démographiques 1974, VII
Profils démographiques 1973, III
Profils démographiques 1973, VI, 2
Profils démographiques 1973, IV
Profils démographiques 1973, IX
Profils démographiques 1973, [X]
Profils démographiques 1973, VI, 1
Profils démographiques 1972, III
Profils démographiques 1972, XII
Profils démographiques 1972, IX
Profils démographiques 1972, X
Profils démographiques 1971, III
Image and reality in world politics
Profils démographiques 1971, VII
Profils démographiques 1971, VI
Profils démographiques 1971, VIII
Profils démographiques 1970, IX
Profils démographiques
Profils démographiques 1970, VIII. [2]
Profils démographiques 1970, VII
Profils démographiques 1970, VIII. [1]
Contemporary American history series
Studies in Oriental culture
The Columbia university exhibition of chinese archaic jades, ritual bronzes, weapons and related Eurasian bronze art from the Sackler collections
The Germanic review issue dedicated to... Frederick W. J. Heuser on the occasion of his eightieth birthday
He Poetics of French symbolism
Linguistics today
Bampton lectures in America
The Anglo-Saxon poetic records
Columbia papyri
Woodbridge lectures
Columbia essays on modern writers
The Radner lectures
Sol. M. Malkin lecture in bibliography
Studies in international organization
Indo-Iranian series
Columbia studies in economics
Profils démographiques 1972, VI
The Harriman lectures
Profils démographiques 1975, I, 2
East central European studies of Columbia university
Dag Hammarskjold memorial lecture series
Columbia university studies in English and comparative literature
Studies in library service
A Columbia paperback

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Etats-Unis, New York, Columbia University, Frosh Shop rusti
Dr Stephen Smith, 100 ans, reçoit le titre de l'université de Columbia
Le maréchal Joffre reçoit le titre de docteur de Columbia Université
Le maréchal Foch à sa réception à l'université de Columbia remet des décorations
Maréchal Foch à l'université de Columbia, bénédiction de l'évêque Manning, de gauche à droite : président Butler, Jusserand, Foch, colonel Parsons et Manning évêque
Maréchal Foch recevant un diplôme du président de l'université Columbia, [M.] Butler

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Eisenhower at Columbia

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